Monday, April 1

He's missing

Other than our morning Easter egg hunt with just our kids, boots was missing from all pictures yesterday. His primary teacher had a hard day yesterday and I felt horrible. Boots kicked her and ran from her and did all sorts of things in class. It makes me so sad because he is just not like that. He is sweet and good and caring and good!! So were trying to figure out what is going on and fix it. Needless to say he was not allowed to participate in the Easter egg hunt later on that evening. From the other room this is what he said " they sound like they sure are having a lot of fun out here! " followed by some tears on and of. Sorry buddy.

Well happy Easter!! We had a wonderful busy weekend with family, friends, and of course my lord and savior Jesus Christ. Friday all our family came into town, saturday was rawlins easter hunt, i went to canton, and then birthday parties for friends and bri turned 12!! nor sure how that happened so fast!
We woke up Sunday morning and watched the lamb of god with the kids and talked a lot of the death and resurrection of Christ. Then after church we played with all the family that's in town. Mom, dad, brian and robin and kids, and Bonnie and Tom and family. It was a delicious dinner and so much fun!

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