Thursday, February 28

Goof ball

Natalie is such and angel. I love having her as a part of our family. She is so Girly and sassy, yet so sweet. She and I went to "big" Natalie's bridal shower this last weekend and it was so fun. Tori had these huge balloons that were so cool! We tried to take one home at the end but it would t fit in my car! Anyway, let me tell you a little bit about Natalie... She goes to bed at night with headband in hair, always, perfume is sprayed whenever we go out, jewelry is put on for any occasion, even just watching tv, and everything g is always in its place with her. She cracks me up. I'm sure she is gonna be trouble in 6 years when she hits the teenage years!

Monday, February 25


Today is the first day of a brand new week. I'm excited to set some new goals, both family and personal. I'm feeling motivated to make some changes. New jobs for kids, eating better, more organized, working out more, reading and studying scriptures more, more prayers, cooking more, and many more. I've just been in one of those Just getting by phases and I feel like I need to step it up.
The little boy that I have been watching the last 3 months is gone now and today is my first day to not be up for him. It feels good. And I can now go back to the gym, and finish my classes faster. I hope to be done by the wedding which is in 2 weeks. So really I just need to bust my butt and get busy!
I have also been trying to have more fun with the kids, so the other day we have ice cream sundaes for dinner, then had food after. It was simple but it was fun! Or I'm usually pretty controlling over something like their food, I've been trying to let to and then let them have seconds for dessert. I know I'm crazy right?! Ha
Brian and I have both been really busy and we have been in need of a date night, well this week we went to Brian Reagan, the comedian and it was really fun. He's funny and we were in good company with the haslams and the beihns. Dinner and the show was just what I needed, too bad I dosed off in the middle, I was so tired!
Soo here's to starting another week and this time starting it off right!!!

Saturday, February 23

The finished product

So this week, we decided to surprise Natalie while she was at school. We totally made over her room. I decided not to paint the room, just decorate. There are also a few more things I eventually want to add but for now this is great!! She was so excited aBout it when she got home and couldn't stop smiling. She looked so little in that high tall big bed that night. She's so grown up. So a headboard, bedding, bookshelves, her own couch, drapes and an 8foot Eiffel Tower on her wall and it was perfect!!
It's so fun to do fun surprises for kids. I wish I could do them all the time.
Sure love you Natalie!

Monday, February 18


Happy love day, 3 days ago. Valentines day is such a interesting day. Kids all bring everyone little paper handmade valentines, then it's Gifts, flowers, chocolate, expectations, and dates. The kids all had fun school parties and we made cute little lions to give. Natalie actually made them all this year which was nice to have help, and I think she did an excellent job!!

It's a silly day really. Well regardless I think it's fun and I like flowers and chocolates so I won't complain! This year it was 2 bouquets of flowers, one of them roses, box of chocolates from a great brother in law, tipped off by an entire day kid less out!

We went with the rawlins adult clan. We started off taking the train downtown, breakfast at original market diner, and finally onto the perot museum. Mom is in town so she of course came on our date with us. I love that place though, it is do much fun. There's a place to race a cheetah, or a t-Rex, or an Olympian, or a football player. We all raced, including tony, which was hilarious to watch everyone. Tony pulled a muscle and had a little spill at the end, it made my week, maybe month! :)

We had a late lunch, trained home, and did a little shopping before coming home to change for stake conference that night. It was do fun to be gone all day together to chat and laugh and be silly and hold hands and not worry about chasing after the niños!

Happy valentines lovey. You know you're my boo!

Saturday, February 16

Doin and redoin

I just refinished a dresser for Natalie's room. It has been in the family since my great grandma(nana Anne) And I love having it in my home. But it needed a change to be in Natalie's room! The next part is on the down low, I have decided that next week I am going to do a bedroom makeover for Natalie while she is at school. She has no idea I'm doing it but I'm slowly collecting items to put in her room! I'm so excited and it will be so adorable!! I'm happy with how the dresser turned out! There is something about refinishing furniture that is so fulfilling to me.

Natalie had her 100th day of school last week and here everyone dresses up like they are 100 years old. I tried to make her hair turn gray but I didn't have baby powder so we used flour. It kind of worked. I love all the cute things that her school does here! In fact today is pajama day, Which is fun but I hate sending her out the door still in her pajamas!

Courtney continues to get into my make up all the time. I left my mascara in the car once a few days ago and she got in the car and put mascara all over her eyes. Then on Sunday I was getting everyone in the car for church, I ran back inside to grab my scriptures and when I came back out she had gotten the mascara again. Come on! Lucky for me I don't use waterproof mascara!!

As for the other pictures, That's what I like to call a Rawlins sandwich!! The little boy I watch didn't come until nine last week and we had a morning to just snuggle in bed. I loved every single second of it!! I'm pretty tired and worn out from watching another little body. But he is so good and fits in with her family, and he just learned how to say boots. But I think I need my space again!!

And this is just boots. He's always into something or doing something silly. He likes to do things with his eyes closed or blindfolded. Haha This particular day it was eat breakfast without looking. Goose.