Tuesday, January 19

Wild things

We went to the Zoo today and Oh My Gosh. The animals were wild. Some monkeys making whoopy with all their parts hanging out in glory, Gorillas giving through-the-glass staredowns, throwing poop, and Roaring Lions. It was cool to see all the action. And fun to hear Lib explain to her boys that the monkeys are just wrestling and playin haha.

We watched a little girl walk by holding some candy and Natalie's reaction was "Mommy, look at her candy! That girl went poo-poo!" Maybe I should lay off the treats for going poop.
Lib has more pics but here is pre-zoo.

Natalie is the new photographer. look how centered she was! way to go nat!
And Stephen is seriously a monkey. He is nuts. He is always jumping off of thngs and landng wherever and however he lands. When is this broken leg or arm or head going to happen?!

Sunday, January 17

rockin hips

Nat and Boots have awesome aunts and uncles all over the place but last night it was special time with Eric and Kat. They are the best! They came out to watch the kids and left us a bunch of fun videos.

And I cant get enough of this robe. Yum.

Today was kinda teary. At church Natalie has finally graduated into primary and watching those little pig tails on the front row was so sweet. She was a little sad last hour when I took her to the bathroom and she didn't want to go back to her class. Then Boots first day of Nursery was also today, tear. He cried the whole time. I hope that gets better. I am sooo done with roaming the halls with him.

Later we headed over to Libs house for Drews birthday celebration and WAY too much cake.

Something I love is listening to Brian put the kids to bed. This is rare, but tonight I insisted. He is so sweet and kind, then when it comes time to sing he sings in guarani (gwa-ta-knee) . But he learned this language on his mission and it sounds like a lot of jibberish. Anyway, he sings "I need thee every hour" in this language and it is so sweet.

The downside for him putting the kids to bed is he "had" to pause his mariocart game. oh Wah. I hate when he gets in these WII modes where all he wants to do is WII, but I let him have fun with it since it is sooo rare. And who am I to talk, I spent 2 hours trying to beat my nephew in Super Mario 3... I was unsuccessful!

And another totally random thought. BETH needs to go away. I am trying to lose my last few LBS and Beth (The Fat girl inside of me) is trying desperately to take over. She always tries and she usually wins for a few days. Tonight she is BANGING on my door and she is holding papa murpheys Cinnamon wheel. GO AWAY.

Wednesday, January 13


My kids have been oozing for a few days now and coughing up what seems to be their insides. BUT they seem to be on the mend and getting better. So tonight I decided to rade the house with disinfectant. Everything clean.
Toys, door handles, light switches and books. Don't be fooled by the disgusting picture, my diseased children will no longer be a threat!
Now to sit down and eat and veg. Too bad most my shows haven't started yet, I don't have much to waist my time with! Although I getting my fill with Bachelor, Modern Family, American Idol, and we are re-catching up on LOST. Love that show.
I am still loving my edemame beans, and apparently a new treat for Nat. At lunch now I have to make some just for her and then some just for me, otherwise she will chow mine all down! I cant complain, that girl will eat just about anything!
As for what I am not loving? Monkey boy.

I feel like the children of 2008 were sent from the same mold. I have noticed a lot of them with a lot of monkey and curious characteristics. Lets hope this doesn't last, otherwise 2024 will be a brutally rough year. A bunk of crazy 16 year old, not what this world needs.

But what I do need? My 3 year old who can look at one picture and tell me who "Edward, Bella, and Jacob" are in "New Moon", aka mommies show. Yes I also made her a little shirt that she sports for bedtime. Ah, this made me so happy! The youngest member of team Edward!

Tuesday, January 12

If it wont snow, we will supply the white stuff!

In preparing for a monthly family get together yesterday, we were t-minus 30 minutes till departure. I like to have things go according to plan and when they don't, I usually get upset and angry.

Being a bit selfish and catching up on something (whether that be my book, a show or the Internet, is not important) I heard a scream coming from Boots' room. I run back to find a white mess and this-

The culprit:
And of course the victims:She found the baby powder and decided his room needed a little white dusting. This usually would have upset me beyond any other. It did however help that the room smelt Divine!
I took the time to grab my camera, and get a really good laugh in before I shifted into mean mommy. Natalie went straight to timeout.

And don't forget the sympathetic one. He tried to console her while in time out.
Really this didn't last long as the room so incredibly covered I needed all the help I could get cleaning it up.

After a change of clothes for little, he followed me into my bathroom where the tub had somehow been left full and the water was indeed cold. One second later he was taking a nose dive into the tub, again screaming out of pain. COLD COLD water pain. haha poor kid.

Another change and we were out the door!

Sunday, January 10


Here are some straggler pictures from Canada.

Freezing cold Zoolites, I will never go again. I wondered what we used to do growing up in the cold to have "fun", this was it. She even tried a snow angel, and was asking to do one all week. She finally did it, got snow down her pants and hated the rest of the time. lucky we were on the way out. She does not understand snow fun!

I love this kid.

first attempt at the curly top. No after pictures as they went terribly wrong!!
So my sister is here in town for a few weeks and it is already soo fun, although we are going to have to pull the reins on the eating out so much and just eating so much. I am torn between being good and showing them the best food in Dallas. there is so much here! But I am going to enjoy every day we have together while she is here, it may be the only time in our life we live in the same place! Natalie was sick the last few days and so we were going to take a day off from cousins so she could get better but we couldn't resist spending time together! haha

Tuesday, January 5

starting today.

For some reason it only seems right to wait to start my "resolutions" until I get home. On vacation the naniamo bars, old dutch chips, and every other Canadian goodie you can think of is totally within the bounds of vacation food. At home - off limits. So today I started. Get back those 5, maybe 10 lbs I gained while here in Canada. PLUS running and weights are back in session. Honestly I am really excited to get back on track. Two words to describe the last few weeks though YUM and WOOF.

So for a recap of the time we have spent here:

Movies seen:
Sherlock Holmes - 2 thumbs up
The Princess and the Frog - 2 thumbs up
Anne of Green Gables - always a 2 thumbs up
National lampoons Christmas Vacation - 2 thumbs up
New Moon #3 - still as good as the first time 2 thumbs up
Learned; Canada does not edit movies on tv.

Books read:
The Hunger Games- excellent
Family histories - excellent
US weekly and people - EXCELLENT

I love Christmas traditions(nativity reenactment, pjs, gingerbread houses, Scotch stew, Christmas crackers, GOOD Chinese food, and lots of family), I love having children around to enjoy the spirit of Christmas, I love music around the holidays especially singing them, I love to spend time with people I love, and I dislike the cold and snow, and lacking sleep from having too much fun.

Best Memories of this Christmas; Boggle, Bowling, crummy Canadian cold zoolites, Making Aunt Bonnie sit through Anne of Green Gables, non stop crusty snotty noses, the non pajama pajamas, plasma car, parties, ping pong, eye of the tiger, Myrrh, squealing voices, The magic kingdom (thank you scattergories), crazy early swimming, British Invasion, soap finger painting, hamster smell, and the hissing cat.

So picture proof... bowling. Another lesson learned, 5 pin bowlins sucks.

NEXT, Gingerbread. Another lesson learned, PAIN in the neck to keep this tradition going!

Bells on Christmas Eve. So fun. Even getting a headache through it.
Nativity, best wise man I've ever seen and Natalie was SO excited to be a shepard.

New tradition: Talent Show. Lesson learned, we really stretched for a family talent!

Christmas Morning. Santa was good.

Dinner Theatre. Really fun. But seriously who wears an entire dress made ONLY out of lace? You could see everything, EVERYTHING under that thing. I didn't think people really wore stuff liike that in public anymore. But the show was awesome.

I love going home. And now on with the New Year and my new resolutions!