Friday, March 29

Another passes

This last week has flown by.
I have a few hours left until I am done my realtor classes and can take my exam. It can't come fast enough!
Haha funny thing, my Mom is visiting for Easter and she brought down some old folders of my stuff, Like reports, report cards, Etc. I was going through it and found an old report card from 12th grade. I'm ashamed to put this up but if was full of a bunch if 55% and lower. How sad. My average halfway through the year was failing(47). What was I doing? What was I thinking? Anyway, it's nice to now know how to study and why it's important and get it done!! Sooo almost there!

This is a Random picture post of kids stealing my phone, stealing my shoes, and fun girls lunches and dinners. Kats birthday celebration, and then mom and Bonnie are in town so miller lunch!

The kids are great. Natalie was telling me about cows on a farm yesterday and I asked how you milk a cow. She thought for a bit, then she said "through their bum straws!" Hahaha she I funny. At least I thought so!

Friday, March 22

Potty time

I wanted to give up. After 9 hours of accidents all over the house and not one single time in the potty, I was about to throw in the towel.
I called for reinforcements and asked Brian to buy a little potty, which I am totally anti. Well he brought it home and I am happy to report that there has t been an accident since. The rest of that day and all day yesterday!!! Dry dry dry. The. This morning she just woke up dry! I'm so proud of her.
Potty training is my least favorite thing in the world of parenting but I have to stick through it cause she was so ready!
I am scared for the #2 part to be perfected because I just have this feeling she won't get it. But I'm not giving up.
Yeah Courtney!!! And please no more accidents!

Wednesday, March 20

Spring break 2013

So since Natalie is in kindergarten now, shave to be more cautious of when we go on family vacations. I actually wouldn't care if she skipped school but here in our school district they can take you to court if you miss a certain number of days, or even if you are just tardy.

So this spring break, like I said in my last post, we packed up and headed to Colorado to visit John and Emma. It was so much fun!! It always is with their family. Our kids are exactly the same ages and we have been married the same amount of time, so it's kinda cool. We all get along so great and the kids barely fought this time!!

We ate a lot. I gained 5 lbs, not kidding. Cafe rio 3 times was not enough. Then it was eating more, including the best burger I have ever eaten in my life. The popper, from crave. So good. Wish we had one here.

We also worked out a bunch. I tried insanity and almost threw up several times. We swam a few times. We went on a fun hike up at red rock and the kids did awesome. I felt like all the activity countered the eating- although I do not think that we the case.

Courtney bonded with Franklin, the dog, and Natalie couldn't stop intentionally letting him out so she could catch him and take him on a walk. They all loved him. The piano was a big hit and was played by the kids all day long.

Fondue and Easter candy, games and just dance. Beating Zelda, and staying up all night long. Why do we act like we are 18? We are not, and we are still paying for it.

So many many pictures, which don't do justice to the super awesome trip we had!!

Tuesday, March 19

The drive

Kansas sucks. I mean it totally Sucked. We were driving up to Colorado for spring break and we drove through Kansas.
First you gotta know that Brian likes to drive through the night while the car all sleeps. John drove with us and the boys chatted their boy chat- so my headphones went on and off we went. At 3am Brian was convinced to take a 5 hour energy for the last leg of the trip. 2 minutes later the highway was flashing a big sign that said "closed"! So we pull off and pick from one of the two hotel rooms in the little town of who knows what.

Next morning we headed out when it opened at 10... Lunch time we pulled over for gas, potty breaks, and lunch. The entire town was closed from a power outage... Great. Then Natalie threw up. That was wonderful. She barfed in a bag and guess what I did with it. I threw it out the window back at Kansas. THEN the highway closed again. We spent the next 2 hours walking around Walmart, after eating at McDonald's- 2 of the only places in this other town of whatever it was called.

We ended up taking the back BACK roads the rest of the way to Colorado. After passing through last chance Kansas. Barf. I didn't want to go back there ever. It did not want us to leave!!
The kids were hilarious on the trip and made me laugh the whole time. I wrote down all the funny things they said, and now I can't find it. I even wrote it down on purpose so I could record it. Darn!

Anyway, fun trip!! Coming up next, the rest of the trip!