Thursday, April 18


Tonight I am so grateful for these 3 goof balls. They might be nicknamed sassy pants, monkey face, and silly goose... But they are the best kids ever.

Natalie sassed me bad before school and then several times after school today. We have a chart that is up and she gets to put a smiley face every morning that she is happy getting ready for school. If she is sassy and grumpy she gets a frowny face. If she can do this for three weeks of happy faces straight she earns herself a big girl razor scooter. She really wanted one, until she broke her arm. Now she doesn't really care, she just wants her cast off. Which has resulted in grumpy mornings again.

Today boots broke a bookshelf off of the wall now I have three giant holes to fill. He is crazy and blames everything on somebody else. So and so was doing it, so I did too. What he doesn't understand yet is that he can control himself other people do not control him. The kicker is that he's just so sweet and tender hearted. It's hard for me to get mad and tell him no!

Courtney pooped her pants twice today. It was just a little, the rest was in the potty but man is that girl stubborn. It HAS to be her idea so it's all about phrasing it the right way to get her to do it. "It" being anything. Eating, walking, bathroom, helping, anything. She talks about a mile a minute and all I want to do it listen to her, until she repeats herself about 37 times too many... You have to respond. But it all makes it lovely when she busts out "brightly beams" or "I am a child of god".

There you have it sassy pants, monkey face, and silly goose playing up in those bluebonnets! I hope the weather gets a little nicer and we can go back up and take some real pictures not in mud and freezing.

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