Tuesday, June 18

Beauty of a night

We went out to our first rangers game of the season as a family tonight. It was kinda hot when we got there and I was a little worried about sweating and whining, but it was a perfect beautiful night!!

A whole bunch of food and candy later... And a little explaining about baseball and the kids wanted to stay longer and longer. We stayed until the top of the 7th but walked away sad because we didn't get to see the fireworks for a home run! 

Love nights like this out as a family!! They were so good and actually super interested on the game for once! Courtney lived every time anyone slid into a base and boots loved watching them be sneaky stealing 2nd base! 

Sunday, June 16

Long days

Well I've been gone at girls camp all week long and I missed the kids so much!! Girls camp was great, another post will follow on that. 
The week before camp mom was in town and we stayed busy swimming, build a bear, bowling with friends, temple, shopping, eating, and just relaxing with momma. I love when she comes and I am sad when she goes. 

Brian and I went on a date tonight, Saturday, to see a little concert for a group called a hard nights day. They play all Beatles songs and were so good! The Beatles have the best music! We then got dinner and went to see superman. We didn't get home till 230am!! I am pooped!!
I'm tired. I don't have much to report other than I am tired and I missed my peeps this week while I was gone. 

Thursday, June 6

Warning... Gruesome post

It started like this... 
It ended like this....
The big boys were doing flips into pool, and of course the 4 year old wanted to be like the 8 & 10 year old... And Flipped into the pool bashing his head on the side of the pool. 
Libby watched it happen and I immediately yanked him out of the pool. His poor little head was gushing blood. 1 ER visit, and 5 very painful stitches later... He was on the mend and back at being crazy and running around. He is so brave and still maintained his composure through it all. 

Monday, June 3


It was a beautiful night last night and Natalie and I went out on an evening walk. She told me she wanted to have 6 kids, 3 boys and 3 girls when she is married. Then she asked me if I went on a mission or got married... Haha I took the next little while to tell her the story of how Brian and I met and fell in love. At the part when Brian sang to me, I started to sing to Natalie. She got so embarrassed and asked me to stop. I laughed and told her that's how I felt when dad did it to me! 
It was a fun little walk together just the two of us.