Saturday, April 20

Product review

West elm stainless steel top table...
It's awesome. I went back and forth about a kitchen table for our home for a while. I wanted it big enough so that it seats 8, and durable since my kids are nuts.

I really wanted a rustic wooden table that looked pieces together, but as I thought about play dough and macaroni, all I could think of was the little cracks and crevices that things would get stuck in.

So enter the stainless steel top. It's so durable and can be scratched up with forks or smashed with food or colored on or play Doughed on. No matter what just happened it is easy to wipe up and the scratches actual make it look better!

I am so happy with what this table brigs to our home and I know it will be well used and well loved.

Also, I got the clear chairs from ikea which are the easiest things to wipe and clean and they smoosh around the table perfectly! I have 6 chairs now, but they easily fit 8 when we have guests.

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Calloways said...

Product reviews are my favorite thing. Your table is so cool!