Sunday, September 26


Familiar with Cinderella?
The stepmother is horrible. She is mean and I think you can sum her up with one word "witch".

Well we have a rule in our house, if you throw food on the floor you are out of the kitchen and finished with your food. Boots has been challenging this rule since he knew he could but for SURE knows better. He gets kicked out of the kitchen all the time. Well this week hasn't been that much different. He threw some food on the floor, but I am a little bit more emotional/hormonal than normal and raised my voice "BOOTS! GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN! You are finished with your food, get out now!" I put him out and put up the kitchen gait so he couldn't sneak back in. Natalie looked at me and with a very concerned face and voice said "Mom! Your a stepmother!" I asked her to repeat herself to make this is what she was saying, and indeed it was. I had to apologize and explain to Natalie that stepmothers, or the one she is referring to, is mean and not nice. I am nothing like her. She did teach me that I need to be more patient with the kids though, who wants to be known as the stepmother? NOT ME!

We were able to celebrate a little bit of Brian this week too. He got his Wood Badge. It is a part of Scouting, and he has been training for this for a while. At the ceremony, we all got to participate and all I have to say is, my kids are nuts. I am glad this wasn't a church event because their behavior wouldn't have gone over so smooth!
Now onto my crazy child... This kid needs a cage. He is nuts. He will get into ANYTHING before you can even blink and then he will be gone and moving onto something else. This week he has filled my house with a lot of impatience! One day he snuck in to look at baby sister and while he was looking into her bassinet, he tipped it over and out she rolled. Luckily, I was making my bed and was RIGHT there to save her from the wrath of boots. He just loves her so much! He always gets a big smile on his face "Baby Sister! Oh cute!" while kissing her all over. One day however, he was extremely quick to get into trouble. He had disappeared for only a moment, maybe 20 seconds, and I knew I needed to go see what he was up to. I went in my bathroom where he stood looking like this:

"Doing Makeup Mom!" then he threw the open mascara and eye liner at me and ran away laughing. This is classic. He is so fast, you don't even know what hit you. He was really mad when I had to take it off of him, we are really going to have to work with him on his manly-ness with all these girls in the house!

Not only is he fast, but he is feisty and sassy. I try to put him in time out and he laughs and laughs in my face. He and Natalie have these giggle attacks that last forever and only escalate more and more until I snap. Again, I think they are doing this JUST to tick me off. At night, it takes him 2 hours to fall asleep, and in that time he usually comes out without his clothes on, which always means he has to pee. Last week we were woken up at 5am to giggling in the kids room. As Brian went in to check, boots was up on Natalie's bunk STARK naked jumping up and down laughing. Luckily, Natalie remained sleeping through this event. There have been numerous accidents all around the house, particularly in his bedroom, and I think he is reacting to the arrival of sister. Regardless of what he is doing, it is wearing me out. He is crazy. He is also OBSESSED with Justin Bieber. I know it sounds stupid for a 2 year old to be, but he is. He loves all his songs and can sing along to just about all of them. He also has a second love of Usher and can sing along with him too. He is constantly requesting "Justin bieber, Eenie Meenie" or "One Time" or "Kiss and Tell" He asks for them by name.

We will be installing locks on the outside of the doors, high enough so that he can not reach them. We would just lock the doors from the inside, but of course he knows how to pick the locks.

Going back to the stepmother thing, 3 kids is a challenge. I am not going to lie, it takes a ton of patience and prayers and deep breathing to get through some things. I know I can do it on my own now that Mom has gone home, but I am totally scared! The older 2 are reacting to having someone new around that is taking all of the attention, and although they love her TO DEATH, I think they are desperate for some alone time and love from me. They have no respect for me and that is really hard to deal with. I feel like I am always saying "I am going to call dad!" or "When dad gets home, he is going to deal with this." Natalie gets it and is kinda scared, boots could care less. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have 3 kids under the age of 3!! Life is crazy! I am just so grateful that they are so funny and keep us laughing and smiling all of the time. And without a FABULOUS hubs, I don't know how or if I could do it!
BUT on a much brighter note, Courtney is great. We have had 4 nights of drama and no sleep, but for being 2 weeks old I will take it. She eats great and is getting sweeter and sweeter. She no longer fits into her newborn clothes, which shows how large she is! She made it about a week in those!

I forgot to mention something from the hospital. When we were there, there was a nurse there who was from India and she told us that Courtney will be or have good luck. In India they believe that when a baby has 2 cowlicks (is that how you spell that?!) in the back that it means good luck. Well She has on the back of her head, 2 little spiral cowlicks, they kinda make a heart shape. So luck to my girl!

And for me, I got a new calling at church this week. I am really sad to be leaving my ward Young Women, I love them so much. But I am excited about my new calling. I am in the stake Young Women, the secretary. I am working with amazing women and I am so excited to get started on everything!

Wednesday, September 22


I feel as though there are some parts of newborn-hood that we have missed out on... lack of sleep is not one of those, but having a little bitty baby is. Courtney seems to have lept forward about a month ahead of what she really is. She is juicy and chunks, and so so sweet, again not so much at night, but at all other times! Brian has been calling her Baby Q, which I think is really cute, and he thinks is so clever. He is already practicing tough love on her, I am surprised he hasn't put her in time out! haha I love this man. He is so sweet with our kiddies, and the ONLY person they will listen to. Thank goodness for him.

the kids have been, i want to say "so good" but that would be a lie. They love ms. C, but they have come to a whole new level of naughty and ignore mom. It makes me very frustrated and lose my patience a lot. I love them to death, but I am going a little crazy.

I love me some swaddle!!
rooting on moms cheek.
milk drunk My sweet mother has been here since babe was born and has been a huge help. The kids have loved having her here and I love her being able to be with them, even though I am sure she is ready to scream like I am all of the time. It is hard enough dealing with them, and they are my own children, but to her they are someone else's kids. Oh mom, you are an angel. I dont know how laundry will get done, dishes will get done, sleep will happen, kids fed, bathed, read to, played with, or any kind of crafting done or meals cooked without you here. You will be missed so much. I have 3 full days left and I am taking FULL advantage of that. I dont know what I would do without you.

Friday, September 17

Birthday Week

So I have always been a believer in Birthday week, not just the one day to celebrate. In college my roomies and I would take this very seriously and fill the week of someones birthday with TONS of fun things, and of course yummy food. Maybe it is just me but all celebrations revolve around food for me.
Well this week just so happened to be my birthday week and it was awesome. Of course it started off with the BEST present of all... Ms. Courtney.
Her first Bath-
Her cute decorated hospital crib thanks to Grandma-
The food there was so good. Sounds crazy for a hospital but really it was awesome. Celebration dinner they served of Lobster and steak, while watching some season opener Football -
Then onto the real day of my birth celebration. We got SPRINKLES cupcakes, which were super delish! We ordered from one of my new fav places, Chuy's and had a fun food fest in my jammies. I was spoiled with my second favorite gift, a new vacuum, which totally rocks. I am now a DYSON forever girl! And many more spoiling gifts! Thank you so much everyone involved! Ah, now I am 27. I feel like I should write OLDIE here, but really YOUNGIN!
Last night we took our first outing to Dairy Queen to satisfy my craving for some yum soft serve. And today we headed off to Courtney's first Dr.s visit. She is growing and doing great. She is sleeping a lot, eating a lot (obviously to maintain her frame!) and just is the perfect little princess!
Here is our first attempt at some pictures with all 3 of my offspring... I have to say, I think they are totally adorable, and yes I couldn't pick just one. Love these gooses.

Boots gives THE best kisses. FYI.

So birthday week thus far has been great. But there are still 2 more days left...

Monday, September 13

Here she is

Introducing Baby Courtney Lynne, the newest member of the Rawlberry patch!

Sunday, September 12

What the what?

Courtney Lynne Rawlins
9 lbs 4 oz.
20.5 inches
Dark hair. Yes that's right, a child of mine has hair!

I cannot believe how big she is, 2 lbs larger than my other two kids! Holymoly!

The story, I drank some (a lot) of castor oil - blah blah blah! Then I did something else nasty, unmentionable.
I fell asleep after about 3 hours of pure torture and woke up 2 hours later thinking that it didn't work, until I noticed I was having more contractions about 2 min apart. We went in to the hospital and 6 hours later she was here!
Epidural was heaven and the dr and nurses were awesome! I loved my delivery so much better than both ofmy others, they were so good to me!
I feel really good And baby girl is doing great. She iseatingwondeful, and she came out asking for a steak! Haha
I am looking forward to our steak Nd lobster dinner we get tomorrow night, sounds gross at the hospital, but their food is sensational!

Brian was filling out the birth certificate and I thought I would double-check the name. It's a good thing I did becAuse he had spelt her name. Corntney. Nice corn bri!

Pictures to come, when my swollen face and body have gone away. I look like a whale!

Love this sweet sweet new addition, welcome to the family Courtney!

Tuesday, September 7

Its baby time

My two sister in Laws, Anna and Kathleen just had their babies. They were 9 days apart and they are about 5 weeks old now. They are sooo cute and I totally think that my baby girl recognizes when I am holding them. She goes crazy! Anyway, this was at Olivia's baby blessings a few weeks ago. The first picture of the 3 girls! Give them a few years and we will have DRAMA and SAS running wild!

Today was one of those days that Brian wants to call "National Sleep-in Day". He has been talking about it since we got married and wants to claim some day as this day. Today wont be it, although we totally treated it like it! We all lounged around in our jammies sleeping on and off just hanging out. It was super rainy and nothing sounded fun to go out and do, so we just chilled. I sure love my family. I have the 2 most adorable, funniest, sweetest, cutest children EVER. They are also the most frustrating, loud, and obnoxious children. I love them! Every family needs a day like we did today. Love it.

Tonight though, just like every night, I am hoping for a new little addition. I have been having A LOT of contractions about 6 minutes apart, but of course my luck they will for sure stop. So everyone "cross your fingers" as boots says.

Saturday, September 4

Tonight tomorrow never?

I am 13 days from my due date. Yes I am counting down the hours. I want to be able to do all the things you can't do when you are as large as a whale. Bend over, reach for things, see things, sleep, eat, walk, sit, etc.

Sooo although I want this baby to come now, what are the bets? When is this baby girl, no name, going to come?! And how big will she be?! And the real question on my mind, how long will my labor be?

My due date is September 18.
Natalie was 7 days early weighing in at 7 13, 20 in and labor of 6 hours.
Stephen was 8 days early weighing in at 7 1, 19.5 in and labor of 4 hours.

My guess?
September 9, 532 am, labor of 3 hours, 7 5 lbs, 21 in. Hmmmmm although I wish for tonight!

Thursday, September 2

What does this mean?!

So for those of you out of the double rainbow loop, you tube it.
BUT, yesterday I saw a double rainbow outside and it was sooo beautiful. I kinda can understand where that guy was coming from. It WAS so vivid! Isn't nature amazing?
My other double rainbow. This one is starting to look like a triple rainbow! I wish.
We love playing in the backyard BUT... It is so ghetto right now. dirty kiddie pool flipped upside down and filled with bugs, dirt and rainwater. Doesn't stop this kid!
Hello monkey alert. Seriously, he gives me a heart attack daily. I have learned to let a lot of things go and just let them happen. When a bone breaks or blood comes along, I will deal with it then. There is no sense in trying to stop it.
We have been keeping their blankets at the top of their closet. We were looking all over for boots, and we found him up in the top of his closet searching for his blanket. This kid is crazy. I had a dream he fell off the top of the bunk bed last night, I totally woke up crying.
Then outside, we dont have monkey bars, but why not make your own? This was all him and Natalie thought it was awesome!

DAD PLEASE MOW THE LAWN!! Im not kidding, 6 weeks of growth in the backyard... CUT ME!
So yesterday we finally got to it all, the backyard is cleaned up, and the grass is mowed. It is ready for a bbq or a party or something!
Then the garage got cleaned out, new passport pictures taken, Natalie and boots' final wall in their room got painted, laundry got cleaned and dried( not so much folded yet!), but it was a super productive day! Natalie was out with Grandma on a girls day all day so that helped me a ton! Thanks Tori, she sure had fun shopping, going to the movies, and playing with you!