Sunday, April 7

Day after day

Having family in town for Easter and their spring break is so much fun. But it's bad for business... I have put a hold on real life, not near enough gym time, way too much bad food, no studying, and dropping of just way too much.

Well everyone is gone by tomorrow and I am ready to get back to real life. I will be back to all of the above listed items that I have been slacking on and I'm super excited for it. I love a good break but it is hard when I'm still home having a staycation.

Bowling, laser tag, gravity courses, food food food, sun burns, swimming, date night, sleep overs, jump street, pedicures, baseball games, skipping school, Disney on Ice, and nothing tops off a great week like general conference. An entire weekend of edification from our modern day prophets. I have much to study and change in my family and personal life. It is one of the 2 best weekends of the year.

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