Tuesday, April 28


I woke up this morning with a migraine and didn't want to get out of bed. I also didn't want to get out of my pajamas. 
I have been doing laundry and working all morning so I still have not gotten out of my pajamas and it is 12:30 PM.
Not sure where she gets off saying this to me but she has decided that she hates it when I am not showered and dressed for the day.
I Try to teacher that make up and hair doesn't make you beautiful that you are beautiful regardless. She won't listen. So finally I just laid her down for her nap and she insisted that I be changed out of my pajamas and am "ready for the day" when she wakes up.

Sunday, April 26

Tooth Fairy

This little man lost his two front teeth. He looks adorable without them too! He left his tooth under his pillow and of course I forgot. I always forget. 
Anyway the kids were talking in the car the other day and saying that Brayden told them the tooth fairy isn't real and it is parents. 
Natalie immediately said "mom and dad would never give us money for our teeth!" And boots started laughing and said "ya and can you imagine dad wig wings?!" 
I was dying. He is hilarious. 

Friday, April 24

Deep in the heart of Texas

Boots had his 1st grade program tonight and it was on Texas. I looooved it! It was adorable and so Texas! Boots was one of the two Longhorns and he looked adorable. They sang several Texas songs and did the "Texas abc's". 
I have to say I am so proud to be Canadian but I am so proud to be a Texan. I like to think that I was meant to live here. I really love it and love that my kids will be raised here. one of my favorite lines from one of the songs was about how there are 47 states around Texas. Haha I love my boots!!

Tuesday, April 21


I am so grateful to have a sister that lives so close. She is my best friend, my confidant, my go to, and pretty much my everything besides my husband. She is always there for me for everything from secrets to helping with my children. 

We read each other's thoughts, fish each other sentences, think the same things all the time, and lots of times where the same thing or put her hair in the same way. Here's a perfect example, we went out to dinner one night to cheesecake factory just her and I and when she came to pick me up we realized that we both had on a hat with a side braid.

I get sad when people aren't close with their siblings and specifically have a sister that they can be best friends with. I have been blessed with an awesome sister, brothers that I love, and sister-in-law's and brother-in-law's on both sides that I love. 
These two little babies are going to grab thinking that they're practically sisters anyway. Taylor and Natalie or three months apart and these two girls are the same. It's cute to see them go through the same stuff and start to be interested in each other.
Nana is in town and we have had so much fun hanging out with her. Wish she would just move down here already!

Monday, April 20

Selfie Sunday

Probably all of the ugliest selfie's ever but we have made it a habit with some of our friends, the Langston's, to send selfie's to each other on Sundays. We got separated from them in a ward split and are in different wards now. Basically we make it a thing to see who can send the best selfie's during church after church and before church to each other. Other than this beautiful picture of Natalie which I am posting because she's so beautiful and growing up so quickly, we take ugly selfies!

I taught my new class of 16 and 17-year-olds in Sunday school this last Sunday. It went great. I'm learning to deal with a couple use that are a little bit trouble but I think it will be good. For both of them and for me. I taught about discerning between truth and error. I didn't get to a lot of my stuff that I wanted to talk about but I was able to deceive them by making chocolate chip cookies with only salt and no sugar. They all took a big bite thinking they were delicious chocolate chip cookies. They were disgusting and many of them started to gag and needed to spit them out. I think one of them actually said "my throat is burning!". Haha I would call that a lesson learned and something that they will remember.

This last weekend was our stake youth conference as well. Even though I was released I was still asked to help with all the decorations. It was a family history theme and I think the whole weekend went so great. My decorations were so fun together put together and decorate and I think the kids actually thought it was pretty cool. I can't believe some of the unique antiques that I was able to gather up from people. Also put on a really fun photo booth! 
On Friday night Brian and Paxton started the whole thing off with 45 minutes of nothing less than Rawl/Hob banter. It was awesome. They were hilarious and so entertaining. They even made me cry! They are the silliest. 

Thursday, April 16

Sticky situation

Yesterday we went up to the stake center to get a temple recommend interviews so that we can start going to the temple again. They have been expired for about a month. 
While we were there I let the kids walk around the church a little bit and they were going in and out of rooms. I didn't think of anything that could go "wrong" but I guess I failed to talk to them about one basic thing. 

When it was time to go we got in the car and started to drive home when I noticed that Courtney had a piece of gum that she was chewing. I do not give my kids him because I know that it doesn't stay in their mouth. 
When I asked her where she got it from she told me she bought it from somebody's bag at the church. On further investigation I learned that the kids decided to go through somebody else's bag at the church and take them. I had to explain to Courtney that this was called stealing. I'm pretty sure one of the other kids instigated it but she was the one that actually took the gum. 

By the time we got home it was 9 o'clock and ready for bed so we set the kids up to go to the bathroom and put on pajamas. For whatever reason I must've missed another mother moment. 

When she woke up this morning she had a giant wad of gum matted to her hair. She had fallen asleep chewing her gum and of course it fell out and got stuck in her hair. That's not the best way to start my morning and I immediately thought that we were going to have to cut her hair into a short little pixie cut. She started to cry thinking that her hair was going to look like dads. 

On the way to school Natalie got really upset and told me that she was really sorry and she felt like it was her fault because she was the one that found the gum in the purse. It was kind of nice that she took some ownership on that situation even though it really wasn't her fault.

Lesson learned, teach your kids about not stealing! Second lesson learned, peanut butter gets gum out of hair!


Tuesday, April 14

Time flies

I can't believe five months have passed since sweet Poppy Anne has entered our home! She has already brought us so much joy, laughter, and sweet love into our home. Natalie is happier, Courtney is sweeter, Brian and I couldn't be better and boots is just the best big brother you could ever have!
With her weight struggles we have been in and out of the doctors office and the GI specialist as well. We have run many blood tests and urine tests as well as x-rays and they have not found anything so far. 
Today I went in for a weight check and she had dropped from 3.5% all the way down to 2.6%. Although she had gained .2 and was up at 12 pounds for the first time in her life. 
Luckily she is hitting all of the development milestones that she needs to and is happy as can be. I am not worried about her at all and I won't be until the doctors give me something to be worried about.

We had bring your own container day at 7-Eleven and the kids got to bring their very own container to fill up all the way with a Slurpie. They loved every second of it! The weather here has been beautiful and up into the 80s. I'm really anxious for the pools open so we can start sitting out and swimming.

On another note we have made some major budget cuts this week and I have dropped the girls out of gymnastics and have decided to not enroll Courtney and preschool next year. We have just been thinking a lot about what we should be doing with her money at this time in our lives and we have discovered better places to spend it. It's so hard to close those doors because I know it's so good for the kids to have that social interaction and learning, but it is so good for Brian and I to be able to budget better.

I know I mentioned this earlier that I got released from my stake young women's calling. I have had a really hard time and have been sad because I really love that calling. I have not held the word calling for about five years so the adjustment will be different. This last Sunday I finally got a calling and I will be teaching Sunday school to the 16 and 17-year-old youth. I am really excited but actually very nervous as these are the age of kids preparing to go on missions. I feel like it is one of the most important Sunday school classes to teach. Those kids need a lot of good meat and information. I hope I will be able to teach them what they need to hear at this time in their lives. Oddly enough after my dad was released a stake president he also got called into the same calling up in Calgary. 

Wednesday, April 8

Crown of thorns

I was talking to Courtney about Easter and what happened to Jesus. We talked about the crown of thorns that was placed on his head. 
We tried to explain what is was and what it might have felt like. 
She started to think about it and finally asked if it was like an apple cutter. She explained how an apple cutter would hurt if it was driven into your head. I love how her little mind totally made sense of that. She is a very smart girl. I love her so much and love to hear her talk to me about stuff and come up with questions. 

This Easter was wonderful. It was general conference. We were able to start our Saturday off with a 9 mile run together and have a great chat. Then we watched conference. On Sunday we went to an egg hunt and lunch at Rawlins and had a lot of fun. 
What a wonderful day to remember the savior a sacrifice for us. 
Mom sent the kids a box of chocolate covers strawberries and they were divine!!!! Sad we couldn't be with mom and dad for Easter and conference. Maybe next time. 
Monday we spent the evening at Libbys and had Easter dinner there. 
I had to document this outfit choice of his... On Saturday they had been playing dress up and he wanted to keep on his pirate costume cause it was so comfortable. Hahaha it is a size 2. Whatever dude. I'm pretty sure he has it on again right now!