Wednesday, June 11

They rock

Am I a little biased? Maybe. But really I have the best kids ever. They each came to this earth was such a different personality and such individuals. I truly feel so blessed that the Lord has given me them to borrow for this earthly life.
Tonight after they were all asleep, after all the lights of been turned off again, and they had crept out of bed so many times, after I had cleaned the poop off the carpet in the Pee out of the panties and given a bath, read books, sang songs, answered questions about why some babies come out and don't how to share, and it was finally silent... I snuck back into each of their rooms to give them a kiss. They were so beautiful and peaceful laying there.
I cried as I sat on the side of each of their beds. Maybe I'm emotional from being pregnant, but at that moment I felt so blessed that the Lord is giving me yet another beautiful child to bring into our family. Like I said before, it is not my timetable but his and even the lame scared to death to have a fourth child, I feel very blessed to raise another wonderful righteous young woman.

So back to the week of what has been going on. On Monday night we went to the Roughriders game which is the minor-league baseball team here that is local. We got to sit in the suite with three other family friends. Unlimited food and really fun company! 

I am heading up to Calgary soon for an extended period of time. We decided to have one big lunch with daddy today before we left town. The kids chose uncle Julio's, and I am not one to ever complain about going to one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas. I sure love my kids and their wonderful amazing handsome father. 
I'm gonna miss him while I am gone but he reason for a trip is worth it! We can survive! 
I mean let's get serious, ever since the man got braces and became my 12-year-old husband, I have not enjoyed kissing him the same!! Haha I have to keep telling myself that the end result will be so handsome! Ha!! 
I think the last picture of our whole family is a disgusting picture of myself, but I have to document that I am places with my family and what we looks like at the time! Sometimes I have to take one for the team and just be me. I didn't wear make up and I had my hair pulled up in a bun all day. It felt so great!

Sunday, June 8

What a weekend

I have been blessed with some good friends and some great family!! I wasn't with all of them this weekend but I did get to hang out with a lot of them. 
Friday night we went boating on Lake Lewisville and Libby and I both pregnant, went out on the tube for a little spin!! We were on a pontoon boat, so it was so slow and nothing to worry about. 
One of the highlights was hitting a wave at the end and having it pretty much cover the entire boat with water getting everyone's purses and clothing soaking wet. That sounds like a lame highlight, but it was a lot of fun and a lot of laughter! 

Today we got a babysitter early, and headed downtown with the Fujikawa's to go to the Dallas Museum of art. It was incredible to walk around and read all of the history behind so much art. There are few times I get to do that now with kids always on my arm so it was a lot of fun to go without kids and really enjoy it!!  We then headed down the road to the local farmers market. I had one taste of some delicious peaches and bought a whole basket. Everything looks amazing!! I wish I lived closer to a farmers market, I would go often to buy fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.
We went to dinner at a delicious pizza place called canne Rosa and it was incredibly delicious!! They lived in Italy for two years and said that these pizzas are very very similar in the closest they have gotten to a real authentic Italian pizza. 
You have to finish off the evening with dessert, we went to pokey o's and enjoyed and homemade ice cream sandwich that we got to choose the cookie and the ice cream inside of. Mmmm!!! 
We then went to go see the movie Melificent. For a movie review I will tell you it wasn't the best. My daughter will definitely not be going to see this movie. It was very violent, very dark, and just not something I would recommend kids to see. This is definitely a dollar movie. Don't spend the full $9.50 to go see this.

The whole weekend was a fabulous weekend, and I am excited to finish it off with a great day at church and visiting with family tomorrow. I feel so blessed to have such great people in my life. We have great conversation lots of laughter and always eat lots of delicious food!!! 

Friday, June 6

Last day of forever

Today is the last day of kindergarten and first grade for the kids. I'm torn between being excited they are out and knowing they are out for 3 months!!! Bah! They have grown so much in kindergarten and first with their spelling and they're reading and their communication and their people skills . They had the best teachers this year! 

We are leaving town next week, me and kids for the summer. We will be spending it in the lovely cool Canada and escape the heat! Libby is bummed I am leaving for so long but I want to go keep my momma company for the summer. So the kids are really excited for that- except it is in the 60's during he day!! Bah, that's freezing! 

We have been hanging out with a bunch of friends before we leave town so we hit up a rough riding game with the Jordan's, and then we went to a World Cup practice game between El Salvador and Ivory Coast. It was awesome! 

Mom came knot town after another trip to North Carolina first. It was so nice to have her here as it always is, especially after an unexpected appendectomy in North Carolina just days before. Ya, Brian caught us in our classic zone out in Sunday school. Haha I thought this was hilarious. 
I am pretty sure Courtney is growing... Or someone needs to explain all the tears and sadness that have been lingering around her every day for a while. She is a 3 year old who talks a mile a minute and wears 5t clothing. She is so big and so grown up! Good thing baby is coming soon to bring that baby stuff back to our lives. 
Speaking of baby, I do have to share the thoughts that I have had this time around. When I first found out, I was not expecting it at all. We were done at 3 and  so to pull another child into the mix got me all messed up! It has taken me a long time to be able to even talk about it and now I am finally starting to get excited by it! Especially after we just found out it is a baby girl! We were hoping for a boy for boots to have a little buddy and to have less drama in the house, but we make great girls I guess!! Boots bawled when I told the kids it is a girl, I just knelt down and hugged him while he cried. It was so sad! 
We have been hitting up the pools almost every day, especially since swim lessons are over. Nat and boots worked in strokes and picked them up pretty good, well Natalie did- boots hahaha he was a little slower to pick it up! Courtney had made a few small leaps but it wasn't until we worked on it after lessons were over that she started to swim under water by herself and she is a little fish! 

Troy Melia, dan and Robyn are here for a few weeks visiting. Dan is studying for an exam here so they all came to hang out and it had been fun to get to know these sweet kiddos! They get along great with Natalie and boots. They spent the other day in the back field behind our house for hours and hours. It was 90 degrees out but they were hunting for bones and jewels and couldn't be stopped! 

Yesterday the kids had their end I year parties at school and boots had really bonded with this little girl Lani. They a re total bff's. He asked every day to have a sleep over, it's really cute. She has 2 sisters who are also in kindergarten and then a brother in 1st and he is in Natalie's class. They all love each other so much and the life so close! Love those Fiefias! 

Lastly last night I had a huge huge scare, I mean I have had some scares in my adult life- stitches, broken bones, sick kids, watched car accidents and other scary times... But I have never been so scared as I was last night. Brian had a mole removed yesterday and all went well: we then had some company come to spend the night and so we were up late chatting with them. Finally at 130 he went in to shower after a very short jog. During he shower he asked me I get his some orange juice cause he want feeling well. He had been bleeding from the mole removal site and wanted me to clean it for him. 
It took me a minute or so to go get it and when I came back in I saw his foot up on he side of the shower and started to chuckle "what are you doing Brian!" Hen noticed no response and noticed he was just layin still. I ran over and opened the door to find him jammed in the bottom of the small square shower and his face was as white and almost see through as anything I have ever seen. His eyes were open was he was completely unresponsive. Oh my gosh! I was so scared at This point. It took me about a minute to wake him up and then another minute to get him to see me and know what was going on. After that I got him bandaged up and out of the shower. Another 5 minutes later with a bunch of orange juice and his coloring was back. Ahhh! I found a large bump that was almost bleeding out in the back if his head where he had hit his head. 
Anyway, he is fine now but we did call sean at 230 am to come over and check him. I was sure he had a concussion of something. He honestly looked dead and it was really really scary. Lots of prayers last night and he is sleeping it off. Ahhh! Don't ever do that to me again Brian. I'm so glad he is ok.