Saturday, December 31

The Night before

There is nothing much that comes close to Christmas in Canada. It hasn't snowed much at all but it has been so much fun. Brian and Robin and their kids came and everyone has had so much fun. I made the girls some matching santa skirts this year and they were so adorable. It was impossible to get a picture of them though!
We had a HUGE moment for Natalie and for me. She is 5 and she lost her first tooth. It had been sore and a little lose for a few months and it was getting more lose. That morning it was really lose, but I never imagined it would happen so fast! We went to the movie Aurthur Christmas, which was very cute, and while eating popcorn in the middle of the movie, she wispers over to me "MOM! I lost my tooth!!" She handed her tiny tooth over and although we forgot to put it under her pillow that night, the next night the tooth fairy came and left some sweet cash!

We had an adult date night out to Joseph and the Technicolor dreamcoat. It was...interesting. But the company is always fun and good for a lot of laughs!

Then the day before Christmas eve, we went on a sleigh ride. The kids were all bundled up and loved being out in the snow and trees. I, on the other hand, was freezing.

That night, we had a very special visit from the big guy. There was a knock at the door and in walks SANTA CLAUS! He was so awesome! The kids all loved him and all got a chance to talk to him, ask him anything they want, and sit on his lap. He left a little while later to start all his plans or Christmas Eve!

On Christmas Eve, we of course did our traditional nativity, thanks to Newby for helping participate with all the kids. Nat was an angel, Boots was Joseph, and Courtney was a half angel, half shepard, half wanderer. Singing Carols, opening some Christmas jammies, and then the Cousin gift exchange and the kids were all off to bed.

Christmas morning we headed down for Santa, the pitter patter of the kiddos was so sweet! I love to see the looks on their faces and see their excitment! We got ready for church and headed to a wonderful musical Christmas program about the Savior. SEE NEXTPOST BELOW!

Thursday, December 29

Hustle and Bustle of joy

I cant post all my pictures so here is the second half of Christmas, first half to come...

Christmas day after church was filled with pictures, presents, playing with new toys, bells, Food, and Christmas Crackers. What a wonderful day to think about our Lord and Saviour. The program at church was a musical program, and the most beautiful one I have ever attended. It made my love and testimony of Jesus Christ grow.

The Girls took a night to go see Beauty and the Beast the off broadway. It was cute and the girls all had fun. Nat loved getting dressed up fancy and acting like a big girl! She also enjoyed her ice cream bar Nana bought her at the intermission to get her ready for the rest of the show. She was hard to stay focused.

A day trip to Banff for lunch, candy store, and of course the hot springs. They have an option to rent the vintage swim suits. Since we forgot our swim suits, Dad, Brian, My Brother Brian, Courtney, me, Lizzy, Caty, and Carleigh all rented the sweet suits out. I wish I got a picture of those boys sporting their skirted 1920's suits! Courtney had the funnest huge bath she has ever had, she didn't stop smiling the whole time!

We went out to the Ranch for a marshmallow and hotdog roasting bonfire yesterday and it was a blast. It was cold, at least for us North of the border-ers, so the babies stayed warm in the car after Courtney indulged in hotdogs and chocolate. The kids love going out to the Ranch, it is so beauitful out there.

Wednesday, December 21

Special Night

Brian, Nana, Grandad, and I took Natalie out for a night out. After trying many restaurants, we finally found one that was still open in this silly city. I swear good places to eat are so hard to find, especially coming from a place with HUNDREDS of yummy places. Anyway, we had some din and then headed out to the Ballet "Nutcracker".
Natalie coaxed Nana into buying her a little snow globe. It was instantly her favorite thing and she held it through the whole ballet. 3 hours later... So it has been a few days and the snow globe has been sitting next to Nana's bigger snow globes on display. Natalie picked it up and started running after boots for something last night and CRASH. It fell, it broke, and there were tears. I felt so sad for her. It was so special to her and now it was gone.
Anyway, she loved the ballet and we had a lot of fun taking her. It was my first ever ballet and I loved it too. Those people are so talented and strong! It is amazing.

Tonight Nana and Grandad took boots on a special date to the live Nativity pageant and he loved it. They came home saying that he asked a million questions but was an angel.

The kids love their one on one time! But more cousins got in today and we are having a lot of fun with a lot of people! The noise levels have gone up and so has the fun. We are just missing the rest of the family :(

Monday, December 19

A New Era

I cant believe I am married to such an old man! Today was the big 30 for him. Really I'm kidding, 30 isn't old at all, but it is just crazy we have come to this time in our lives that we can put a 3 in front of our age. I guess I am still a little ways away.

So for his birthday, we had the surprise Christmas sweater party which was a HUGE success! He was surprised which was the goal! That was surprise #1... Then last night we celebrated with my parents and I gave him surprise #2. Many people helped me out putting together a special book for Brian. There were some wonderful words, stories, poems, and songs for such a wonderful man. Really he is so special and so loved by so many people! I just wanted to make sure he knew how much he is loved. Pretty sure that came across as he started to cry on page 1.

We just arrived at Nana and Grandads house and we cant wait to spend the holidays here. Love being around the snow, whether it is brown, white, or yellow! haha (boots learned all about the color of snow you can and can not eat). The kids have been outside everyday at least once, last night they even went for a late night sledding in the dark. They LOVED it.

Saturday, December 17

Party of 5

My friend Julie is an awesome photographer. She did our family pictures a few weeks ago and we are so happy with the results! I was CONVINCED that every picture would look how this first one did... but worse. I even had a nightmare about it a few days before we got the pics back. haha
It was cold and poor Courtney was a little ice cube by the end (which is when this picture was taken) there was a lot of tick tacks, whining and a lot of snot...but I think we ended up with some cute ones! I actually love this first one here when she is crying. She was sooo done. Thanks Julie! Check her stuff out!