Thursday, July 29

Another year more beautiful

The skies here in Canada are beautiful all the time. I love to sit and watch them change. The other night, my Beautiful mother had her birthday and these were some of the changes over the few minutes.

Mom shared her wonderful edible bouquet with us, apparently I am not the only one who LOVES choc covered strawberries!

Happy birthday to my Bestie! thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

OK now onto a PET PEEVE!

I don't understand some people.

We were out somewhere today at a place where they sell all sorts of "naughty" foods. I love to eat naughty, and it is rare that I feel bad about it. I also feed my kids this food and when I do, again I do not feel bad about it. Well you could choose from the buttered popcorn, the churros, the ice cream, the mini donuts, french fries, and the list goes on.

When I do, and did, eat some of this food I do it with pride. I don't care what the Jane next to me thinks of me. Same as when I give some to my kids, who cares right?

So my pet peeve: I see another woman eating something naughty, and feeding her kids something naughty, no big deal. UNTIL she says to her 12 month old (as though she knows what her mom is talking about) "Here sweety, mum is giving you the worst thing the book says. greasy, fried, with all sorts of bad things in it." she then glances up at me and starts making excuses as to why she is feeding her kid this and why she herself is eating this. WHO CARES. Take some pride in indulging lady! And your kids is fine, she is not going to have anything bad happen to her because you are sharing this. and most of all, I DON'T CARE! Don't act like I care, because I don't. Just eat your food. I am sorry you feel guilty, and if you feel that bad about it, don't eat it.

Well today I enjoyed popcorn, donuts, and fries. All of which my kiddo's enjoyed just as much! Thank you Calaway Park. The only thing they were missing that I would have eaten was a funnel cake.

ps. my moms cat Sasha has killed 3 little birds right in front of my kids since we have been here, they sure have learned alot about death and "planting" the birds as natalie calls it. Sasha, I dont like you.

Sunday, July 25

True love

This weekend was tiring...
Of course cookie making...mmmm I just love the dough really!
Grandad got his little dingy all set up to bring out to the sailboat next week and so we took it out on a test run on Ghost lake for a bit. The kids Loved it! There were hundreds of boats out, kinda a crazy gong show.

So today we celebrate my parents 35th anniversary! Lucky them to have 3 whiny kids around, (nat boots and me). But what a wonderful couple to mold a marriage after! I dont know of a couple, other than Brian and I, who work so well together and just fit perfectly! But happy 35 guys! Love you both so much.

Thursday, July 22


This kinda reminds me of those Corona commercials on the beach... But it instead is on the back deck at my parents looking out at their view watching the kids play in green lush grass, listening to the baby birds in the bird box, watering flowers and actually enjoying being outside.
Sometimes i need a blanket! but being able to be outside and love it, and lay in the grass and not have to be concerned with fire ants or spiders crawling all over you is so glorious!

Tuesday, July 20

Always be my baby

If there is a silly kid, it is this one. He cracks us up every day!

Today was his birthday and my little man is 2. That means I now have a 2 and a 3 year old, and that is crazy to think about.

He just seems like such a baby still, it is hard to believe we will have another baby around in a few weeks.

He is talking SO much. I always know which songs are his favorite on the radio "MOM! MOM! Favorite Song!" or if they aren't loud enough "HEAR IT, HEAR IT!". If he doesn't like something he is eating it is very clear "MOM! LIKE IT!" (Notice the caps, that is because everything is said in an urgent yell) Tonight we went to Toy story (super cute) and on the way Natalie fell asleep. Boots immediately looked over and started yelling "WAKE UP NANI! WAKE UP NANI!" He did the same thing last night as he was opening presents and grandad fell sleep on the couch. After every present he would run over and yell at him to WAKE UP! Anyway, he is just a silly little boy who makes me happy every day. My life would not be complete without his sweet sweet spirit. Happy Birthday Buddy, we love you so much!

First thing in the morning, he helped me make his cake.

I tried my hand at carving and decorating a cake without any instructions. McQueen is his fav, and I think it turned out pretty cute!

hearing us sing to him made him SO happy! I love that little smile!

then presents... spoiled rotten! Thanks Nana and Grandad for the awesome party!

showing off his loot.


Sunday, July 18


The Calgary stampede... yes it is dirty and there are lots of strange people there, BUT we went and had a great time. I could not cut back on pictures, I wanted Brian to see them all, and it is my blog so I like lots of pics!
We got to meet Dora, eat LOTS of good food(fried cheese, pineapple ice cream, MINI donuts, corn dogs, fries, more mini donuts), my shoe broke so we had to go on a hunt for new shoes while trying not to spend 200 on cowboy boots, face painting, did some rides, saw the livestock, rode the ctrain(which was super inconvenient) , and just got tired.

notice anything AWESOMELY funny about this pic?! haha

I really love to come to Calgary when everything is all Stampede-y. I just think I am always going to be a cowgirl at heart!
But Daddy, we miss you tons.

Friday, July 16

Our Love

I am so lucky. I live near my 2 sis in laws and we are all pregnant together. Kathleen(floral) is due in a week, Anna in 2 weeks and me...2 months :( Yes i am Huge. We all, including our mother in law, went to our favorite love ECLIPSE together and of course, loved it for the 3rd time.

Preggies. We thought it would be so fun to be pregnant together, NOT the case. We ended up just complaining together. I am in Canada now for a month and i am so sad to miss BOTH births. And now I will be alone in my pregnancy pain when I get home. Ah, good luck ladies!

camp pictures to come... good news of the week, I am barely Alive.

Tuesday, July 6

She is so Patriotic

I am heading off to girls camp in the morning for the week and so I thought I would blog real fast about our Fourth of July before I go MIA for the week. ALSO please let me come back alive and well! AHHHH!!! Texas Heat!

So Fourth... there are a lot of cities that do their events of Saturday instead of on Sunday. I appreciate this! So we went to KABOOM town in Addison and it was so much fun. Again, we had VIP tickets which means so much free fun stuff!!

Natalie learned how to put her hand on her "heart" for the National Anthem.
Best family shot possible. why are kids soooo difficult?!
Our VIP guests! Thank you for coming E K and A!
These two were super scared of the fireworks when they started then got SUPER into them! Av looks so much bigger than Boots! He is really 3 months older!
Nat got cozy to watch the show!
They supposedly have one of the best firework shows in the Nation! It was really good!

Rained all day up until the show started!
While we waited for the show to start there was some marching music playing. Natalie is such a cheeser and just marched around with her marching face on!
Everything is "Momma, take a picture of this!" "Momma, Take of picture of me doing this!" This particular one was "Momma, take a picture of me with this Cudicorn (unicorn)"
Oh there were these HUGE mangos there that were SO Delicious. I got so messy eating mine, but it was so worth it. Juicy and delish.

Anyway, Sunday was low key over at the Fam's house with some yummy food and good hanging out. THEN To make the weekend even better Kat, Anna, Tori and I went and saw Eclipse again (for the *cough cough* 3 time) and it was as good as the first!! I love it.
Well Happy July! Wish me luck at Girls camp, and if you missed the post below it is our fun trip to Utah!