Sunday, October 30

9-er Days

I think I am 9 or so days late in posting things that happen around here... so here is a huge post to show all the fun.
I love fall, the weather has FINALLY cooled down to a light jacket and boot weather, and the smells of fall are coming all over the place!
We have some pretty awesomely fun pumpkin patches here, so after a failed attempt at one of them (closed for the season would have been good to know before the 30 min trek out there) we finally found one that was so fun!

The pic above, I am showing just how difficult it is to get pictures with all your kids looking. Parents out there, you know what I mean. And non parents to diss us parents for our bad pictures... YOU TRY! haha

Then last week before my momma came into town, we had our ward trunk or treat at church. I love to dress up in families and so I was trying to be cheap and easy this year. I came up with a bug theme. Nat was a butterfly, Boots was a spider, Court was a bumble bee, and I was a lady big. I tried and tried to get scrooge (is there a term for a Halloween scrooge?) to dress up but all I could get him to do was carry a fly swatter. It turned out cute enough, but next year I will have to step up the game! Kimberly came over and painted butterfly face, and wiggly spiderweb face on boots. He wouldn't hold still enough for anything really!

btw, she is up to about 9 steps now. She walks all the time but just isn't willing to give up the lazy ways of crawling. I think it also has something to do with the fact that she is so tubby, she cant balance too long! BUZZZZZ!!

Later that night, Momma got in and we had such a fun visit with her. The kids ate her up! They left tonight and for about 20 minutes after the airport Natalie had tears running down her face. She cried and cried and was so sad she didn't want to talk about it with anyone. Her sweet little spirit was just so tender! We miss you guys already mom and Dad.

While here, we took Courtney on her first Merrigoround ride, although I think she may have already done it this summer, but it was her "first" time and she loved it! All smiles and bouncing around!

So then on the weekend My brother and his wife came into town for the BYU/TCU football game and it was a hoot! I love to have family here!! Dad proudly wore his old BYU uniform from when he played back in the day and it was rad. He rocked it! We lost which stunk, but the company is always the funnest part anyway. Downer of the night though was the Rangers losing the World Series. We wont even go there any more than that.

Soccer games, Show home hunting, eating yummy food, Shopping, and lots of belly laughs made it a great unforgettable weekend! The kids both lost their soccer games and we forced everyone over to watch them running around kids who don't get the first thing about soccer. They sure are cute in their uniforms though!

Seriously, LOVE my family. We come up with the silliest funniest things to giggle about and we had the biggest laugh attack of both Brian and My life on the way home from dinner last night. I was hyperventilating with tears ROLLING down my cheeks. To top it off Brian(husband, not brother) had been growing his facial hair for the Rangers being in the World Series and just shaved it into a nasty Stache that night. As the laughing tears streamed down into his mustache, we couldn't help but laugh even harder.

Tuesday, October 25


On discussing a hair cut, Stephen explained that he wanted his hair to be all in bald. I am not a huge bald fan on a little 3 year old, so I of course said no. I did, however, tell him that if he still wants it a few days later that we can do it.
We went for the big chop!! But now every time he looks in the mirror he gets upset that it isn't all gone and bald. Should I give in and shave it? I mean SHAVE it. I just dont know!

But this funny guy is as handsome as ever, and with his new haircut he looks older already. I was sad to see those blonde lockes go to the ground, but it was time.

So we were sitting at Dinner the other night and Brian had cooked up some beets. He offfered some to the kids, but the only thing that made them interested was the possibility that it could turn their Urine red. They immediately jumped on it and ate a little bite right away. All of a sudden as he is swallowing, boots is struggling to get his pants down a little. On questioning him, he told us that he needed to check to see if his "little part" was red, because it was going to turn his peepee red. We tried to discourage him and tell him that he wouldn't be able to tell yet, but that didn't stop him from pulling his pants down to check, and inform us that indeed his little part was a color. haha it was very funny and inapropriate conversation for the dinner table. But that is the only was we roll around here! If it wasn't inappropriate, it probably didn't happen. This kids keeps us on our toes all the time!

Side note. Nana is here and we LOVE to have her come and visit. She has come into town for the BYU/TCU game which is Friday night and we cant wait for the other members of our party arrive into town!! Thanks for coming early Nana bear. We love you so much!! Sorry you have to sleep on the floor on a too short for your legs matress! We know you must really love us!

Thursday, October 20

An Extra Day

I say it all the time, but I wish there was just a little more time in the day, or an extra day in the week. I have a million things that seem to always get pushed to "tomorrow".
Blogging has become one of those and I hate that. I just got my 2009 and 2010 blog books in the mail and I love them so much. I have done such a good job of documenting my kids with stories and pictures that they make the best journals. HOWEVER, This year I seem to have gone into a rut and cant quite find the way out.
Every day I think that I need to blog, but then something alittle more important comes first- always. So here I am to rededicate myself to the blog and sharing the wonderful stories of every day. I feel like I have gotten into a big events phase, and not so much the funny little stories that amuse me daily.
SO, with that... I have been painting our bedroom and our bathroom. I took the whole day Tuesday to do it and I love it. I was sick of the ocean blue color I had going on in there and the new OATBRAN is much more what I am feeling. Now I just need to find the right bedspread and curtains. I love redoing a little bit of something in the home, it just feels fresh and new.
So the story on the hair... I feel like every time we have painted a room in the house, I am 9 months pregnant and there are 2 things that ALWAYS get paint on them; my belly, and my hair. This time around, I have no pregnant belly but somehow I did get the paint in my hair. I swear, I did not do this on purpose! It is so bad right? I also get it all over my clothes, face, and legs, and Stephen managed to get some on his pants too. I'm awesome.

Last Saturday was Natalie's actual birthday and we decided after a long day of garage sale and soccer that we should go to Chuck-E-Cheese. Natalie loves the CEC and has been begging me to go soon. She was too scared to go see Chuck himself, and also too scared to go in the awesome ticket machine, but they had a lot of fun playing the games and getting their prizes at the end. Yes the adults had fun too, I love playing the games and get a little greedy when it comes to the kids coins. I found myself taking from boots' stash. Nice.
But Grandma, Grandpa, Eric, Kathleen, their kids, Garrett, and his cute girl were all able to come and have fun with us!

I can't believe my little girl is 5. It brings me to tears to think about this little beauty. I still remember when she was the first little addition to the family, VIVIDLY!! She is such a joy to have in our home and she is growing into the most beautiful little girl. She is kind, caring, gentle, Loves friends, Loves her Cousins, loves her sister, LOVES her shows, loves her babies, gives great snuggles and cuddles in the morning, and one of my favorites is she still loves her blanky like she did when she was a baby. She rubs and rubs that thing and sucks her little lower lip as soon as she gets in in her possession. I cant imagine our home without her sweet spirit and am so thankful everyday that we made the decision to have the little princess. Also, every year since she turned 1, I have thought it was the year of the hair. It wasn't until the last few months that I have truly noticed her hair growing in... so with that being said, I think 5 will be the year of the hair!! Love you Babe, Happy Birthday!

Nana and Grandad sent her this delicious cookie bouquet which was quickly eaten!! Thanks for making her feel so special you guys!

Saturday, October 8

Rainbow Madness

My little chunk. I love this girl so much!! She has had Croup this last week but she still has big smiles all the time, and hasn't lost her appetite at all! She eats all day long and Loves her some milk to top it off. She is also getting in all of her molars, I was surprised to feel those coming since she has been such a great baby! She enjoyed the festivities today, and some cake... we had Natalie's birthday Party for some of her little friends.
She insisted on rainbows this year, and I was on board since it was going to be a budget party. If you remember last years Fancy Nancy party, we went all out. I scaled back this year but it was so fun to get creative. We made all the decorations from construction paper! We played some "what time is it Mr. Wolf"(Natalie's favorite) duckduck goose, red rover, and pin the Cloud on the rainbow. We did made some tissue paper rainbows and made some fruitloop necklaces, and I tried my hand at the fancy rainbow cake of many colors. I don't know if Natalie or I have more fun at her Birthdays! Loved this theme this year, so many easy colors!

So for YEARS Natalie has been obsessed with Lion King. 2 years ago when we went to Disney World she got her first Simba doll, and she has since learned all the music and LOVES Lion King. We have been waiting and waiting for it to come out and finally it came out in perfect timing with her birthday. That is what we gave her for her Birthday and we watched it tonight for a little movie night. It was so cute to sit there and watch with the kids. Boots gave me comments like "Ah, they are fighting. They don't have guns though. I have guns, and I can shoot Lions." Natalie was more emotional. Her emotions go from So excited and happy to so sad and back and forth. She is such a sweet emotional little girl. Her birthday is next Saturday and I love a birthday week so I am sure we will be in for some fun this week!!

I just have to add in a little soccer note. The kids have been loving soccer. They practice once a week and then play on Saturdays. Brian and I haven't been able to see both kids yet as the games are at the same time, Brian has to assistant coach Boots' team, and I go with Natalie. Boots has successfully been silly and had a lot of fun with his team. I'm glad it isn't competitive or serious for him yet. He loves it. Natalie's team is actually pretty competitive and she has taken a while to "get it". She is just starting to though, and this week she did pretty good. She was able to turn the ball around to go the right way and actually kicked it a few times. She was working on her Defense too and stood in a goal for a bit! I am so proud of her progress over a few short weeks. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can watch the other kid and cheer for each other!