Wednesday, April 24

Let it begin

The madness that is!! Good thing I love my nieces and nephews a lot because for the next few days we will be living a live circus! 8 kids and me and Brian. We are babysitting and I'm excited for some fun crazy times. Starting with tonight the quadruplets.
The worst part is that they can't sleep in the same room as my kids cause my kids would keep them up all night long. Why do mine have to be nuts!
All the time.

To prep for this week I have been working out hard. Ok it's not to prep for the kids and stress, it was to prep for the stress eating that will probably happen. Haha I have been soon nike training camp followed by the spin class. 2 hours of intense training. I am so pooped and so sore too! Places I never knew I could be sore and had no idea I was working! It's a new workout every time so it is really fun and goes fast. It is hard work!!

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