Monday, March 19

The rest is history

The remainder of the week post surgery went great. The swelling finally went Down and I ate a lot more slurpee's and milkshakes to which Natalie made very clear to me it was not fair. However, I tend to lean on the side that it wasn't fair that I had to sip everything through a straw. I have taken for granted that I used to be able to eat.
So I came back to Houston for a post op apt and all is well. Bad news is I can't bite anything for a month. Good news is I can cut up food and place it in the back of my mouth. Other good news, I can brush my teeth in one
More week. Hence other bad news, I can't brush my teeth for a week. Haha

So I go to get on a flight to head back to Dallas. First off I'm in the ladies room using the bathroom. I hear a man walk into the bathroom, I see his feet in the stall beside me facing the wall, I hear him peeing, I look through the door crack into the mirror and sure enough his stall door is wide open. Thank you for that sir. My first thought of course, why is this man in the women's bathroom. This was directly followed with "oh my gosh, I'm in the men's bathroom!" I wait for him to leave and I slowly come out, wash up, and double check. Turns out he was wrong. Phew and ew. Haha

This was followed by a 4 hour wait on the plane only to have the flight cancelled and be rescheduled for a flight more than 24 hours later. It's a 4 hour drive people, this is crazy. Good news here, I got to read almost all
Of 3 nephi and a lot of my radical parenting book. Bad news, I miss my babies.

I did take some pictures this week, even some of my face which I promise to post but I forgot my camera. So here is a little ditty to tide you over because I know these posts without pictures are boring. There is a road and neighborhood here that has over 70 peacocks roaming free. We went to check it out and I tried to chase one
Down. I'll let you just imagine what happened next in this photo...

Tuesday, March 13

The who's down in whoville

Busy weekend.
We headed down to Houston for some fun and some not so fun things. First we went to schlitterbaun, an indoor water park, for the day and had a blast. The kids had so much fun riding the slides and the lazy river. The adults had fun on some crazy crazy slides in 50 degree weather outside. Brrrrr!
We had a great weekend with our friends Jake and Kelly! They are always such great hosts, and it helps that they have a new little bitty baby! Sadly, my camera battery was dead and there are no Pictures.

Well then Monday morning came and start the not so fun stuff. We woke up at 530 to get ready to go. We made our way across the city for another dental appointment for me. So the background on that, when I was pregnant with Courtney I noticed a sore lump under my nose. We have been going to Houston to see an endodontist since then to have root canals to fix this abscess that I have. Well last summer we thought we got it. I was supposed to come back in the fall for a follow up xray and that just didn't happen. We were so busy that we couldn't make it down until now. It also just so happens that my tooth and gums have been sore again. So we decided to do some dental surgery to take out the infection. Well I of course got some sedation, as I was slightly nervous about it all. Got that going and I was gone within well not long! Anyway, they found a cyst the size of a bouncy ball. That's great. They sent it away to get biopsied and I can only imagine the wonderful things they will find inside! Haha are there more teeth in there? Maybe some bones or hair. Ewww sick. I have heard stories about that kind of stuff, soo gross if that is me.
Anyway, I was out of it all day yesterday and I am back today. I can't speak very much as it kills. I have some stitches up in my mouth on my gums and I am trying to keep the pain under control. As soon as I get my camera battery working today I will take a picture. There is only one way to describe the way I look, Cindy Loowho. Yes from the grinch. Haha my mouth looks just like that. It's awesome.

Back to the goods of the weekend though, Sunday was Brian and my 7th anniversary! I can't believe I have been married to him for 7 years. It has flown by and we have had an incredible time together. He makes me a better person, he lifts me up, he challenges me and is always making every situation positive. He truly is my better half and I have loved every second with him. He is the best decision I have ever made. I love you babe. Happy anniversary! Can't wait for our annual trip!

Also can't wait for that milk shake you promised me an hour ago. Liquid diets are hard! This will be a Long long week!

Sunday, March 4


On the way home from church today we were Listening to a song "if the savior stood beside me, would I do the things I do..." and we got talking about the things we would do and say if Jesus Christ was right beside us. I asked the kids what they would ask him. Natalie decided that she wanted to ask how he made the earth, and people, and eyes, and hair. I turned to boots to ask him and he replied "if Jesus was sitting beside me I would be nice, but when no one is sitting beside me I will be crazy." hahaha he cracks me up.

Being or youngest, Courtney has been so much fun at church. She is always sweet in the 2nd and 3rd hour at church and I never have to wait in the hall with her. Well she is 2 weeks away from nursery and Brian asked why I don't just bring her in there today. I said no because I wanted kne last Sunday with her. Well I think she had something else in mind as she was throwing fit after fit after fit. 15minutes in and I left and brought her into nursery. She did awesome! When we walked in her face said to me "you have been holding out on me mom, this place is awesome and it has been right next door all along!" let's just hope next week is as successful.