Tuesday, September 30

Shove it in

September had been crazy. One of my favorite things from September was an fhe lesson Brian taught about prayer. He talked about power cords and when you plug in say an iPad, What it does (charges). He then talked about how we plug in and wrapped boots legs in tin foil and made him "plug in". Since then the kids ask to plug in every night... It's what we call family prayer! 
But just looking back on pictures, I can't believe this all happened in September! 
Back on Labor Day, Brian and some friends did their triathlon. It was his first and it was a sprint. He did great! He is so competative that instead if just seeing what it is like and finishing he had to push himsel hard. He is on the count down now for ironman- it's in May!  Proud of him but he is losing too much weight... I just passed him up! Dumb pregnancy weight! 

Me and some of my dear friends had the chance to go to time out for women. We got a hotel in arlington and it was. Fun weekend to be edified and uplifted by speaker and singers.

Daddy took his first business trip to dan Francisco and me and kids missed him even just for the day! We filled our day running errands and eating whataburger breakfast! Mmmm
On my birthday I got spoiled and went to lunch with all my favorite lady friends! Cheesecake Factory if course. Then that night Brian took me out with our friends Tyson and heather to a subpar place that was supposed to be amazing!!! We needed up eating outside and it rained on us a little. Memories right? I am 31 weeks in this picture...

We tried somethjng new that was a fail... Im calling it More memories! We went to the plano hot air balloon festival and it was a flop. Hot and everything cost money which we didn't want to spend. 

We did dinner out with hobsons and swansons, mashd is where we went which is always really tasty. Another night we went to wises house for a party and chilled with hobsons later. We really have such fun friends. 

This last Saturday was the fairy birds book signing for heather. We went to Costco to get our book signed and it was so fun to see heather and her sister Heidi all fairied out and cute!! We are so proud of her and the success if their book. If you haven't heard of it, go online and check it out - it's an awesome kids book! 

That night, this last Saturday, Natalie wanted to Come to the general women's conference with me. She was so good and actually listened and sat so still. They talked a lot about the temple and how we get there and why we go. I am excited for general conference this weekend. I love to be spiritually edified from the prophets and spirit. 

So now I am 33 weeks And the countdown seems to have begun. I feel completely unprepared for this baby and it stresses me out when I start to think about what still needs to be done. I feel huge, have heart burn a lot, crave ice A LOT, don't sleep well, need to pee a lot, get full fast, continue to gain a lot of weight, and we keep changing the baby's name!

Sunday, September 28

Girls girls girls

I have 2 daughters with another on the way. It's a good thing I am so girly! This week out good friend heather came to do a book reading at Courtney's preschool: she and her twin sister are super talented and they wrote the first if a series of children's books "fairy birds". It was darling and the kids loved it!!

Then today they did a book signing at Costco: they are seriously the cutest most amazing people ever! The book is amazing but the authors are incredible. I love the message the books shares about giving to earn a feather to become a fairy godmother. So we had a lot of fun doing fairy birds stuff. 

Then Tonight Natalie and I went to the church for the general young women's broadcast from salt lake. We grabbed a quick dinner before with Emily and Libby.  Then Headed on over to the church. Surprisingly Natalie is awesome and didn't complain at all. The messages were wonderful and I walked away from it edified and charged! 

The Lord loves us all so much and I am so grateful to have the knowledge I do. I love the gospel and The Lord Jesus Christ so much. I am grateful for the atonement in my life and the many blessing a we have to be grateful for. I am especially grateful for the temple. We are so blessed to have one so close and be able to go all the time. I am excited for conference next weekend and can't wait to hear the prophets speak to us!!

Tuesday, September 23

Stars at night

The stars at night are big and bright.... Deep in the heart of Texas. 
That's my favorite part of the Texas rangers game... They sing it every game during the 5th inning! It makes me love Texas a little more!! 

We took the kids to a rangers game, which was do fun since we haven't been to a game all season. It was a beautiful night to be at the ballpark. Taco bueno, cotton candy, and peanuts made it perfect. 

I'm just having a didficult time with the thought of having another member of our family in no more than 8 short weeks. That's pretty fast. I'm not ready and it totally stresses me out. I'm trying to stay calm and be ok with 4 kids coming our way. So I'm 32 weeks and feeling huge. Don't know where she is going to grow but I guess she will find space. Heart burn is crazy every day and every night, I need at a minimum of 4 pillows to sleep or else I am in pain- no I'm still in pain with 4 pillows. Sometimes I even need Brian to push or pull me out of bed. My craving is ice, I'll take any crushed but sonic is the real craving. It's so crunchy and cold and good!! 

Thursday, September 18


Corky, coco, courty, court,
Cutie cakes, Courtney lynne... 
This little girl brings me so much joy. She is funny and chatty all the time, never stopping talking my ear off. She is sassy and sweet and loves to snuggle and give kisses and hugs. She acts shy to strangers and hides behind me- I hate it! She can't wait for our baby to come and I know she ll smother her with love like she does summer. 
Her and Natalie now share a room, her favorite color is pink. She sings constantly and can learn a song so quickly! Purses and babies are her favorite toys and food??? She eats so much. Hot dogs, Mac and cheese, tacos, chips and salsa, ice cream... Ok she likes everything! 
She is starting to get picky about her clothes and her hair. Ponytails all the time and bows bows bows! 
She just started preschool and loves it! As do I love my free days 3 days a week!

Well little miss just had her birthday yesterday and turned 4!! Where has the time gone? She feels like such a baby to me still.  She chose to go bowling and then eat hotdogs and cake. It was a fun family party and some cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandma and papa came over to celebrate with her. We sure are blessed to have so much family around. 
Happy birthday sweet girl. We love you so much!

Tuesday, September 9


This year for Labor Day, we started out the day with Brian's very first triathlon in his life. I will blog more about that with pictures later. 
Later we hopped on the boat with Libby and Sean and my kids tried out tubing for the first time in their life. They had so much fun riding the tubes. Courtney kept wanting to go faster and faster whereas Natalie wanted to slow down! They all took turns jumping from the boat into the lake and swimming around a little between turns. 
Whenever I go on a boat I am brought back to my childhood days out of the cabin when we used to go out there all summer riding on the boat around the lake. I used to love waterskiing tubing and parasailing. I remember when they got the boom on the side of the boat and I was able to try waterskiing for the first time. I also remember going parasailing and having my dad land me on the ground and drag me along face first through the dirt and rocks!! 
Another time parasailing he took me past the houseboat where there were new to sunbathers on the top deck. I got quite the show from the air!