Sunday, March 27

I'm just tired.

I have been completely out of the blogging for months and I am so mad at myself for getting so far behind. 
Christmas was great and New Years was great. But now it's March, and almost April!!! A lot has happened since then and poppy seems to now be a teenager! 

All the girls went to American girl for lunch to celebrate Taylor and carleighs birthdays and it was fun as always!! I never grew up with it so I somehow always feel suckered in to buying stuff! 

Courtney's personalities seem to be getting bigger if that is even possible! She is soooo mature for her age and really drives me up the wall but I love that girl. We went to he dentist last week where she promptly told the dentist that she never brushes her teeth. Today while at the haslams for Easter she told the adults she sometimes eats her boogers. EW!  
Nat is the one with all the drama!! She is drama first off but now she has been diagnosed with dyslexia and it is a challenge already to try and figure it all out. The schools here have a fantastic program which she is known sink hope that helps. She is so smart, she just needs to learn some techniques. 

Lastly, boots and poppy. Sweet and 2 little peas in the pod. They make me so happy, well all of them do but these two are just easy going and pretty darling. 

Poppy is about a month away from going to nursery and I am so anxious for it! She is horrible in church. It makes me wonder why I am even there. She is saying hi bye bye, bottle, boots, Natalie, dada, mama, nana, no, she makes a dog noise and car noise. She does lots of dancing and singing to music, and then she is trying to climb on everything. She also does sign language for food and milk. She's practically a genius!!