Wednesday, March 17


Tomorrow morning bright and early we are off on the Youth Trek. Brian and I are ma and pa and we are so pumped, other than the fact I should already be in bed as I need to be up at 430. If you know me, I have previously mentioned that 430 is my LEAST favorite time of day. Who wants to be up at 430? And who is up then and doesn't feel sick? eww!

Anyway, this last week has been full of sew sew sew. I have finished my awesome pioneer clothes. Here is the sneak peek as I cant promise pictures from the actual event! Too gross I am sure! OK after taking this picture I realize how nasty it is and I had to go out and get a different shirt, not tons better but better than this hurler! Seriously this pic sucks but I am proud of my clothes!

Natalie's hair I think is shrinking. Is that even possible? Well I have found some new fun ways to kind of do her hair. She calls them her braids and loves them!
*Please excuse the nudity in the next picture!*

Boots also got his first haircut today. He looks so much older to me with his new Do! I know again sounds funny since he didn't look like he had much, but really it is just so blonde and thin you couldn't tell but he FOR SURE had straggle scraggle hair. I cut A LOT off and he was a champ to just sit there and let me do it!

Ok well wish us luck off on Trek for 3 days. Super excited for the experience but dreading no sleep!
PS. I kinda totally miss my babes tonight, they are sleeping at grandma and grandpas and the house seems so quiet! I thought I would love it but I dont :(

Saturday, March 13

guy sitting next to me

Or not... Brian is camping but I still love him. We had our 5th wedding anniversary on Thursday and celebrated eating subway, at McDonald's. Ahhhh true love! But not to worry, we have our annual anniv trip planned for April. We are going to Chicago and I am so excited!! I love to travel and do new things together!
I am the luckiest woman alive to have him in my life. He is amazing to me. Truly amazing! In every aspect of my life, he is my rock.
Loves hun.
(pic, very old. Just one of my favs of us!)

So Kathleens birthday bash. The girls, and Eric, went to dinner at cheesecake which is ALWAYS awesome.
Then off to the movie Remember Me. You know, the one with R-Pat. OK for those who aren't crazy freaks like us, Robert Pattinson. And Claire from Lost, whatever her name is.

R-pat, good role for you.

Movie, 4 thumbs down. Wait, how can you have 4 thumbs down? Because it was brutal. I thought it might be good because as we were heading in, the girls taking our tickets said "You'll love it! It was so good!" That should have set off the trigger that it wasn't going to be good right there. Just super Random, loose ends not tied up, sad unexpected ending, and overall really not worth 9.50$.

Man sitting next to me, EWWWW. Listening to him CHOMP his popcorn and ice through the whole thing, mixed with what I thought was his smell... I wanted to move and vomit many times. As the movie ends, I pick up my stuff and realize that indeed it was my left overs that stank through the whole movie and said man, probably thought it was me that smelt.

Well at least we love Kathleen... Happy Birthday!!

NOW, a funny story. Well it wasn't so funny at the time. Last week on a a long long walk boots lost his blanky. if you dont know, my kids are obsessed with their blankies. So I retraced my steps through someone elses neighbourhood to find it sitting waiting in the middle of a road that I didn't even know we went on. Lesson learned, dont let the kids have things on walks.

So a few days later we are at the Nature preserve where I love to be out walking, running etc. The path I took was about 3.25 miles and then I took a break for kids to park it. Noticing Natalie's "bambi" isn't in the stroller, I start questioning her about where she put it. A man over hears and tells me someone had it on the path just a little ways up. I am thinking 2 minutes away. I go for a half a mile and turn around, walk back with Nat crying and me trying to explain what happens when we lose toys. Another observer over hears, "Oh a stuffed reindeer? Yes! I saw it and put it up on the trash can at the back of the path!"

Back of the path? I then went off on another 2 miles to get the bambi. This makes a total of about 6 miles. This isn't a big deal to all of you in shape people but I am not one of those people,It was dinner time, I was tired, kids screaming, Ug... It was brutal! I hate when she brings her "babies" everywhere. That is gonna have to stop.

All I wanted was a drive through 7-11 to get a slurpee. Is that too much to ask?

Saturday, March 6

I am Weak

Yesterday I went for a hour long power walk. My shins are hurting and I am very tired. I haven't been very active lately as you can tell!! haha Well then I decided to practically have an all nighter and now I am paying. I am so tired. This sucks. I could NOT pull myself out of bed this morning.

This is sad because yesterday my Dad and Brother Dan did the Ironman New Zealand. Dan did it in just over 11 hours and Dad did it in just under 17 hours. This is why I was up all night. We were watching waiting to get these videos and see Dad cross the finish line. I have no reason or right to complain about an hour walk and a long night when they both did a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and then a 26.1 mile run. That's probably for the sure the longest day you could ever have! And my Dad has had long days! Anyway, I am weak. They are amazing! I am so proud of you both. We, me and my sappy hubby, cried when you both came in!! I can't wait to hear the stories!!

Here are the videos, one of Dads first transition from swim to bike, then the other 2 are their finishes. PLEASE ignore my squally commentary and try to listen to the announcer there.

Thursday, March 4

short shorts

Where are these days going? They feel like they are going so slow, but then I turn my head and it's Thursday!
I dont usually share a day by day of what boring stuff we do, but I am in the chatty mood. This week we had FHE/birthday party at our friends house, made AWESOME homemade pretzels, went on some walks(which is superb considering how lazy I have been), went to a STARS game which was awesome in a suit, hit a park finally (it has been so cold here!), and today was topped off with the start to some SPRING CLEANING!

I started with the kitchen. It took all day, and I have to finish tomorrow but I was able to pull out the fridge and the stove, which had never been done since we have lived here. It was so bad. I am soo happy to say that almost EVERYTHING is spotless and dirtless and fingerprintless in the kitchen. I still want to wipe out all the cupboards and wipe out the fridge but that is it!

Tomorrow, I want to have good intentions and do another room but who knows how long this Martha streak will last!
ALSO to note, we got a kitchen gate. Best investment ever.

I did reorganize the kitchen to get our little play kitchen in there. Glad I did it, there is no room anywhere else and I know it really wanted to get played with!

Wow this is boring.

So onto exciting. Short shorts... My son decided today that he wanted to wear his buildabear shorts. I was instantly brought back to before my time, 1973. He has some nice legs!
Speaking of short shorts, Tomorrow is a huge and very exciting day! My Brother Dan and my Dad are in New Zealand and will be doing an Ironman tomorrow. I am so excited. This is Dan's second but my dads first and he has been training so hard for it. Between work and church I have no idea how he has found the time but I CANT WAIT for them! GUYS, take lots of pics at the beginning and end I guess! We love you guys, GOOD LUCK!

(notice the bum hole for his puppy tail, Patch the buildabear pup)