Tuesday, August 31

If I had to choose

There are a lot of choices to make, for instance:
I am trying to decide if I want to take a nap, which means not making my bed and getting some rest, OR blog. I chose blog and I am just HOPING I still have time to take a nap. This nap will not be enjoyed because as soon as I get to sleep one of the kids will wake up, probably wet from urine, standing at my head whispering "MAMA, PEE PEE!" But we can always hope!

Next choice, if it was a choice, when to have my baby. TODAY please, or yesterday. Not happening. I am now 18 days from due date and I want baby today. I cant decide if it is because I want to see and hold my baby or if I want this giant watermelon in front of me gone, sleep back, back pain gone, or swelling legs and face gone!

Last night there was a choice, we could either go to a yummy steak house, Papa Bros, for dinner or go to a free baseball game with our friends and kids. We chose the game. You might think this was the wrong choice but it sooo wasn't. It was alot of fun. Natalie got on the jumbotron, and boots caught a baseball. It was awesome!
(Boots insisted Justin take him up to see "Elmo" but then freaked out as soon as he was up close.)
(I am the large one with the growth, almost 38 weeks)

This morning there was another choice, to shower or not to shower. This is tough. I really really want to shower and get ready for the day, but I risk having my children kill each other or destroy the house when I wait to do this when they are already awake. I chose to shower. BONUS - I am clean. As I showered I heard all sorts of bloody shrieking, and my bathroom had a few visits of crying children. As soon as I got out, I discovered they had gotten into my make up and baby dolls had black all over their faces. Stephen also had black all over his face. Clean that up.
not even 2 minutes later Stephen walks into my room without his undies on, trying to put a his legs through a shirt. "Where are your undies boots?" "dirty" was the reply. I followed him out to show me the incident and after finding DRENCHED shorts, he points to the leather couch, which is soaking wet with urine. Nice. I screamed, then I cried. Then I still couldn't decide if I made the right choice to shower. UGH!

Sounds rough, but really he is going really well with potty training, he has very rarely had accidents and he is really picking up on it. Go boots. I dont want to go into more detail right now.

So, Natalie has a hard time with some letters/words sometimes. She cant say "f's" (flower is power, friend is priend, family is pamily) and some words like "ponytails" come out "tititails". "Butterfly" comes out "puttapwy". "again" is "adain" and so on and on and on. so the other day she was making a wish on a star, obviously. She wished for a "unicorn" which in the world of Natalie comes out "cudicorn". When we try to get her to say things the right way this is how it goes...
"natalie, say ffffffff-lower"
So this particular time I said
"Natalie, say UNI-corn"

USELESS. She'll get it one day!

And as for me, Yes I know I am huge. but besides that, I just need a pedicure and a night out away from everything. Is that too much to ask? I guess so.

Friday, August 27

21 days

Out of the hospital... Really it was no big deal. I am fine and baby is still packed tightly away in belly for who knows how long. Technically there are 21 days till I'm due. I will take matters into my own hands in 7-10 days from now.

Stinky thing about baby three... No baby shower. This means we have to make all purchases, and my husband does not like to spend money!

So I have been making some purchases this time around with baby #3. first our monitor broke, so I just bought a new one. We got a camera one with Natalie and it has ruined any other kind for us. So I ordered another one. I love them.

Then we were debating on a new car seat cover or just getting a new car seat... We got a new car seat. Better. Cuter.

I just ordered the fabric to make the crib skirt, which I am super excited about! But I need help with something...

The baby will be in natalies old room which is flowers and butterflies. I had this awesome idea for some tulle above the crib, like a swag or something and then I got these cute little nylon butterflies to put in the tulle. But as I got to thinking about this, I don't know how I would do the tulle or what color or even if it would look cute. I am all doubty and stuff! Any ideas of how this could be cute? Or another idea of what to do with butterflies? I have about 8 of them in different bright colors.opinions please!

The other opinion I need is that of a bouncer/swing. We had a swing for nat. She loved it. Boots didn't, so we sold it.
I want something to put the baby in, so what do you prefer bouncer or swing? And why why why?

Tuesday, August 24

Ice chips

As I am sitting here in the hospital, there is one thing I am grateful for... Ice chips. Yum. I love ice and they have the never ending supply!

Oh why am I in the hospital you ask?

Yesterday i was putting clean beets on natalies bunk and on my way down there was a little critter named boots hiding on the back side of the stairs. He bit my foot and I lost my footing about 3 or 4 feet up. I fell, and as I came crashing down I was trying to save Natalie from being squashed by her giant mother. She got pushed into the corner of the dresser and I came down on my back onto the window sill. I can't bend, lift, squat or anything really without being in pain. I have a massive bruise on my back. The baby is looking good, and I am just here to be monitored. Everything is looking fine though and i will go home in a few hours.

Being super wishful, I am waiting for some contractions to magically start up,but I know that won't be happening. I am almost 37 weeks so I would not be opposed to it though...hear that baby?!

Oh the other thing I am grateful for right now is my iPad. Ahhh, I would be so bored without you paddi!

Saturday, August 21

Welcome to the family

She is beautiful.
11 lbs
24 inches
No name as of yet.

Isn't she just a beauty? Lucky for me this is not our baby but another addition. We were so excited for the delivery man to deliver it, and now the long wait is over!

We love you!

Side blender note,
1. This is not just a blender. This is a life style change. That's what Brian told the delivery man.
2. Our blender was stollen in our move 4 years ago and we have been trying to find a replacement since then.
3. Enter blendtec. We will never be blendless again! It is worth the wait and every penny spent!

Thursday, August 19

Snug it off

I am tired just looking at these pictures. They are the last of our trip to Canada. The weather was just so beautiful that you couldn't help play in the backyard. The kids and Brian were doing the playing, I just sat back and watched from in the fresh cool grass! Ah, I miss it already!
Yes, running with sharp gardening tools, awesome parenting I know!

So we are home and it is so good to be back. I have ment to blog faster but things have just come up. FOR EXAMPLE...
The big event of the week/Month/Year has come along - Not the baby, the other one.
Potty Training.
My least favorite part of being a parent, the dirty work that someone has to do so that the child fits into society.
Boots is still a baby to me, so this was kinda hard. We also were doing no more blankies, shared bedroom, and big boy bed all at the same time, this week. As you can imagine - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I Just want to scream!
No, he has done pretty well and we are on day 4, with only one small accident today. There were none yesterday and he stayed dry all night - BONUS!
I had my 36 week appointment today, after not being in since 30 weeks, and I am so happy with the progress of me and baby. I will try to get a belly shot one of these days, I am feeling nasty though, rarely do I want to be in a picture! The baby is measuring perfect, just under 6 lbs, and she is still a SHE! (Boots was a "she" until 34 weeks when he finally was a "he") This means the projects can begin and hopefully all be completed by the time baby comes, which cross your fingers isn't far away.
I am getting pretty sick of night times that consist of 4 potty breaks for me, 4 pillows(which isn't enough), 6 plus* tums, and an uncomfortable night all together. The day time is better, I am not as tired as I thought I would be, my tailbone doesn't hurt, and I am not waddling (all the time).
So like I said above, we do blankies in this house. The kids both have them and I HATE THEM. They are nasty and they were getting so attached to them in Canada that I had to do something about it. I am not all about the extra limb and breakdowns when it isn't around. So we have cut them out, they only come out of hiding when the kids are going to sleep. They have done fabulous! As an exchange, we found these radical kid snuggies at Costco the other day and had to get them, I am jeleous, I still want a snuggie.
funny, yet not so funny side note... I wax my own eyebrows and yesterday I BUTCHERED them. I swear everything was going smooth until, *tear* "ahhhhh" and a look in the mirror to find A LOT of hair missing. I am soo mad, there is not much worse than bad eyebrows that are half missing.

Tuesday, August 10

Hugey Gardens

At the end of our sailing journey we stopped and got to walk through the Butchart Gardens. For those who have no idea what or where this is, IT IS BREATHTAKING! We didn't have much time there but it was so gorgeous what we did see. little miss POSER wanted all these pictures taken of her in front of all the different flowers.

And yes, I am very very much aware of how large and hugey i am looking. If I say hugey rather than huge, it makes me feel smaller! haha

So now almost 35 weeks along and we are traveling home tomorrow back to the HEAT of Texas. I love Canada and will miss it like crazy till we meet again, who knows when that will be. So long Beautiful Canada!

Friday, August 6

On a Boat

To be back on flat, not rocking ground is so nice! Although when I close my eyes I still feel like I am on a boat.

We had an awesome week out at my Dads Boat in the Vancouver islands and I love it out there so much. The winds were not in our favor but the sun was, and I LOVED it!

We were a little worried about the kids doing OK on the boat, and they did radical. They adjusted to life jackets and playing on a boat real fast. It was like a giant playhouse for Natalie, and boots naps were phenomenal!

My favorite thing boots did this whole trip was learn a little terminology. SHROUDS was the word of the week and I had no idea he knew what they were. (They are the wires on the sides holding up the mast) anyway, he is on his way to bed one night and out of his mouth I hear "Night Shrouds." It was adorable!

My highlight was not having the baby at sea, although Dad did come prepared with everything we would need just in case! And each night we made a plan of where we would go and what we would do.

And yes, again A LOT of pictures!

That is Brian way up at the top of the 5 story tall mast.

And then jumping off half way into the water. You can never just jump with him, it has to be off of something or into something not normal.
34 weeks. that's all you get for now of this hugey!

the boys went and dropped the crab traps one night. Pulling up the crab traps, we found the first one completely empty. The second trap, however, was filled with goodies. 8 large eatable crabs, a 17 legged star fish, and a half eaten up shark. Very cool.

AHOY! Boots loved waving and yelling HELLO at all of the passing boats!

So now we are back in Calgary for a few days, just in time to discover that I need some major dental work. UGH. Way to stress me out right now. Talk about inducing labor. I am seriously stressing. i just have to take a deep breath and hurry home to Texas, because once I am home I don't care what happens because my Dr will be there, as well as my hospital!