Friday, April 12

This happened

Natalie is really tough and my kids seem to be invisible.

I always thought boots who is my wild and crazy child, would be the first to break a bone... Today I got a phone call from Natalie's school hat she had fallen off the playground (slide) and landed on her arm. They wanted me to pick her up and check it out at the dr.

Luckily for us, Sean is close who is an orthopedic surgeon and be was a me to look at her, look at X-rays, and then cast her. He's the best.

We think it is something with growth plates so have to be really cautious and careful. She is brave and strong and only cried a little. I think the ER dr was hitting on me just a little too, so I was outa there fast!

Pink cast seemed to make of fun and interesting, until she realized She can't use her right arm... And it all if a sudden is an itch face! Hope she sleeps well toight. Poor sweet Girl.


BrittanyB said...

Poor Girl! At least her cast is cute :)

Dan Miller said...

She doesn't seem to upset about it. Where did she break it? what kind of fracture was it? That happened to Troy a few years ago except it was my fault.

Stacey Salmon said...

Boooo. That's sad.