Monday, March 28


After church yesterday we had some awesome conversations with boots and Natalie about what they learned in church. Boots went on to us that on top of the temple is the angel pepper-roni, that Is one of the funniest things I have ever heard. Natalie learned about the holy ghost and so after asking about when she is 8 if she can get baptized, she then told us that the holy spirit would give her presents. We confirmed if she mention gifts, she said yes. We then put it together and explained to her that it is the gift of the holy ghost, not that he gives you gifts. She was disappointed to discover, candy wasn't the gift. Then she drew this awesome picture for me today, it is her with the holy ghost inside her head.

So now that Courtney is 6 months old, she is old enough to go to the gym with me, the kids went this week and she Did awesome. Having them all happy, no crying, is one of the best things when I am trying to get in a workout! She has also started sitting up and continues to smile ALL the time.

We are getting creative with pony time over here, they all were chillin on the fireplace, who knew that pony's were magnetic?!

I got home from girls camp last weekend and I was so happy to be back with my family, although this last week was packed with church stuff. I swear, i am as busy as my dad...who is super busy! But it was awesome. The weather was perfect since it was over spring break and fairly low drama level, for girls camp! I missed all my runs while there, including my 10 miler for the week, so when i got home I had a really hard week last week trying to get back in. Then Saturday was our 11 miler and it killed me. Less than 2 weeks till race day, I am hoping I don't feel as bad! So since my training has started in February, I have been trying to lose weight, mainly the baby weight. I am back to pre pregnancy weight but i tell ya, we sacrifice for those kiddos. It is hard!!

Tuesday, March 15


We have a family of 5 and we are all awesome. My kids are the best and so is my hubby. So this post is really just to post the random pictures I take of their awesomeness...

Boots and Natalie(aka little Bo peep) entranced by Elmo, this is the first time EVER I have let them watch a whole Sesame Street and they LOVED it.

Obviously Boots has some killer muscles.
Natalie did a fashion show and her "babies" all watched, one of the audience members was very lively!
Late night with Boots. He hasn't done well with the whole day light savings and just doesn't like going to sleep, surprise surprise! So we let him stay up late and watch some TV with us. He loved it.
Awesome Aunt Kathleen.
Awesome "Dinosaur Hair"
Awesome "Unicorn Hair"
Daddy is Awesome to give me beautiful flowers for our 6 year anniversary last week. You are the best hubs ever babe! Seriously, life wouldn't be anything without you! Happy A day! Thanks for celebrating at a stake church basketball tournament. Thats Love!
And the new canopies in the girls room. Bad picture, cute canopies.

Awesome Hair
And Again an awesome Daddy.
and now I am off to GIRLS CAMP FOR AN AWESOME WEEK!!!!

Thursday, March 10

2 little ears

Nana came for a very VERY fast visit this week. She stopped in for a few days and is now gone. I wish she could come back and just chill with us. We always have so many things to cram into her stays that really we never get to just relax and hang out. Next time. Although Next time she will be babysitting my 3 crazy kiddos while we go on a relaxing vacation for our anniversary. Oh Nana, just move here!! She discovered something very special about Courtney while she was here. Her left ear is a little large and sticks out a little bit. We just thought she had special cute little ears, but mom pointed out that she has the exact same ear and it is missing a fold. We checked both of their ears and it is true, they have twinner ears!

We drove her to the airport this morning and Natalie, who has been really battling with her temper, was fine until we said good bye and shut the door. She bawled and bawled for 10 minutes straight. It wasn't a tantrum cry either, it was a sad pitiful cry straight from the heart. She loves her Nana sooo much! COME BACK!

Courtney will be 6 months on Saturday. She is almost sitting up by herself and is now holding her bottle all by herself. I hate that though because I immediately lose some of my time with her, little Ms. Independent!
I don't think this picture needs explanation, but here is the conversation that makes it funny...
in walks boots looking like this
Me:Boots Did you get into Nana's makeup?
Boots: No Its your make up mommy!
OK I thought the convo was way longer and it doesn't sound funny now but it was hilarious.
Nat and Boots love to play outside and they always play pretend. They get along well for the most part and this week and I peeked out at them to make sure all was well and no one had escaped or was laying tangled in the trampoline. I watched them play for a few minutes and they were darling, giving hugs, kisses, and dancing around as Prince and Princess!

So I picked up 2 new Books at the book store. What I wish I picked up was "city of bones" but of course children not only take up all of my time, but also my free time. I got "Temper your child's Tantrums" by James Dobson, and "Kids are Worth it" by Barbara Coloroso. Like I said, Natalie has been having a really really hard time controlling herself and we have spent 2 out of the last 4 days dealing with a day full of temper tantrums that will not go away, Power struggles, screaming, doors slamming, kicking, hitting, threats to me, and anything else you can think of. Obviously my way of dealing with her is not working so I am PRAYING that the books shed some light on my style of parenting. That girl has been special since the day she was born, and although I don't want her to lose her spunk, she has got to lose the tude!

Tuesday, March 1


Brian was playing with the kids the other day and Natalie looked up at Brian and said "Daddy, you are like Lucifer!" He was shocked and asked her why he was like Lucifer. She went on to explain that he was like a kitty cat crawling around on the floor and finally he realized that she was talking about the cat from Cinderella, Lucifer.

I wish I had video of that girl doing the things she does, because she cracks me up. I watched 20 min of her dance class today and watching Natalie try to do pirouettes is the funniest thing to see. She leans down and pulls her toes apart, because her feet cant do it on their own. And then her whole body does a front bend trying to curtsy. Oh, she is doomed to be uncoordinated like me. Poor thing.

Courtney was looking extra sweet yesterday and so I whipped out the camera to document her little life. There is no peace anywhere in our little house, so of course we were joined by #1 and #2.

Now, there is something I do not understand. You peeps out there who have time to sew and craft and cook and clean and actually spend time with your kids and take them where they need to be and make sure everyone gets food and gets clean and sleeps etc etc etc, HOW DO YOU DO IT? I only have 3 and they aren't even in school yet but I feel like I need an extra 6 hours in the day to get done everything I need to get done. Either I really suck at time management or I have just gone crazy. How do you do it? I have a stack of crafts and "to do" things but cant ever seem to get to them. Its too bad we BARELY miss the kindergarten cut off next fall because another year with 3 at home - lets just say I am not sure how this is going to work out.

I will tell you what I am squeezing in though, my training. I am up to 8 miles this week for my long run and I am feeling great. Yesterday I did a 4 miler at 9.5 min miles. I am super proud of the number because it seems like I have been doing around an 11 min mile until then. So I am 4.5 weeks into the training 5.5 weeks left. I haven't missed a day (other than Sunday) and I don't plan to either!

This is our "library", at least that is what the kids call it. Since we moved Natalie out of the room, it cleared up a bunch of space under the bunk and so in moved the books and the chairs and.... LIBRARY. Instant fun, at least for 2 minutes until Books starts ripping up books. I spent about an hour yesterday taping some books back together. Flap books are no good over here. I remember Natalie going through that phase where she would just rip them out, and now Boots is in that phase and it sucks. I feel like I cant let him play with the books!

And I just have to shout out to the most popular person in our home, Justin. That is the Bieber. We "heart" him around here. Boots knows most of the words to all of his songs and has been asking to go see his movie. I guess it was kinda dirty, but last night after the kids went to bed Brian and I went to go see Never Say Never, his movie. So I know there are a lot of non Beliebers out there, but seriously this kid is amazing. His songs are not just poppy and catchy, he is so talented. I promise that if you doubt him, go see this movie and you will fall in love too. It is only in theatres until Friday, and I totally want to go again (I wont) but I want to.

I am not afraid to say it - I love JB.