Saturday, December 31


Over Thanksgiving break again we tried to shadow whatever we could into the week! He started out going to Six Flags with Allie and Riley and staying all night long! I'm always so shocked at how brave my kids are for the rides they want to go on!
We had a big Thanksgiving day at the Rawlins and later that week family pictures. We also had a Gilmore girls marathon with all of the Rawlins girls. I tried so hard to get into it but I just couldn't. I don't understand all the hype.
A little black Friday shopping and then we headed down to Houston for Mary's baptism. A quick trip to Houston wouldn't be complete without couples pictures. I'm sure our kids are going to kill us one day but with the chance that some may get married, we take every chance we get to get photos of those cute kiddos!


As horrible as it is preparing for family pictures and then not being the weight and size you want to be yourself always sucks, however it's always good to have a new family picture! We haven't had them taken since Courtney was one so five years later I am happy we walked away with something! Also back in October my sweet photographer friend Whitni took some head shots of us with these beautiful black-and-white photos to put above our bed. I treasure these photos and this week family of mine so much!


December was a fun filled month with lots of fun holiday things and way too much food. I probably put on about 15 pounds. Can't wait to start the new year with some New Year's resolutions and having a healthier lifestyle and getting back in my best shape. That goes physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Courtney had her kindergarten school gingerbread man program where she had a part. She also had a little pre-dance program to put on for everybody. She is really picking up and dance very well.

One of the best concerts I have ever been to was the OneRepublic concert we went to with Libby and Sean. Such a blast! Also we had a ugly Christmas sweater party that was so much fun to get ready for, John and Emma even came up for it!

Christmas Lights, Christmas nativity's, dinners with friends, and just an overall wonderful month! So grateful to celebrate the birth of our Savior with friends and family and those I love.