Monday, August 31

Canada number two

With everybody there we decided to all head over to the stampede. After being married for 10 years, Brian has never been to the Calgary stampede! It was fun to take the C-train ride down there and him to be able to experience what I grew up experiencing. After going to the Texas State fair and riding around on public transportation and numerous other cities he didn't really see what the fuss was all about. I told him that it's just like the Texas State fair to the Texans it's just awesome to me! The kids had a blast and it was fun for everybody to be together. Again we ate a ton of food and spent way too much money. But what is vacation without those two things anyway?

We were able to go to the temple together as adults. This has not happened with all of us since the first time I went to the temple. Unfortunately Sean could not come but it was still fun for us to be able to go together. We tried to set the timer for some pictures and I was able to cat sure a couple funny moments. These boys are so silly when they all get together!

And what is a trip to Canada with everybody unless we go to Peking Garden? We had delicious Chinese food until we were all stuffed!

Canada part one

We had the most amazing summer this summer! We decided to go up to Canada again as we usually do but this time it was in celebration that we could do it with my mom. Last summer was so hard although fun to be there very difficult to be there at the same time. This time it was just celebrating the whole time!
Brian couldn't come up right away so I traveled alone with the four kids which actually was much easier than I thought it would be. They were all pretty well behaved! Courtney became best friends with the flight attendant.
She was up with them chatting a lot of the time and then we got so close that they asked her if she wanted to help collecting trash at the end of the flight. She walked the entire plane with rubber gloves on her hands collecting trash! 

Even though I live in Libby it was fun to be reunited after she had been there for several weeks without us. Brian and Robin and their kids were also there. It was so much fun to have all of those cousins together and all of us adults! 

On July 1 which is Canada day we had a big at home celebration. Lots of fun backyard games were planned and it was a blast. We played pics and Lifesavers, pass the orange, darn it, marshmallow eating, water balloon fights and a whole bunch of food.
All of the kids got along so great so I just ended up being a whole lot of fun and laughter. As adults we always have a good time with lots of laugh attacks in there.

The weather is always so gorgeous there during the summer that we could go on nice cool morning runs and then put on a sweatshirt at night again. It's honestly the perfect weather.

What we did before

I have been gone from Texas for the last eight weeks. We spent six weeks in Canada I was home for a few days, and then I went to Utah for this last week. I will post more about both of those things.
This post is about what we did before we left in June. It felt like a super busy month after school was out we were getting 1 million things done before we have to leave.

I have been extremely busy with work which is good but still - busy! 

I helped Eric and Kathleen find a house in Houston and they moved. Stacey and Aaron moved from up north out to California so we said goodbyes to both of them. Stacey left about 45 minutes away and even though we didn't see each other weekly it was still so fun to be able to see such a long time friend.

I sold Libby's house and help her buy a new one. And in June closed for homes. So far this month in August I have closed three and will close to more next week. Busy busy busy!!! 

We spent lots of time with family and friends just enjoying each other's company. Lots of pool, eating out, and training for a triathlon. We thought we were doing as a family but have since decided we will not be doing it. I still like the kids to run and ride their bikes to get in shape though!
Brian even got his braces off! It was the end of May and they looked amazing! They were on for about a year and totally transformed his leg. The orthodontist did such an amazing job!

Going to Canada every summer is such a great reboot and recharge for me. I really look forward to doing it every year. I think the kids have really learned to love it as well. It is so beautiful there in the weathers perfect so we got all of the loose ends tied up here and headed out of town! We have had an absolute fabulous summer.