Monday, April 22

Sweet moment

Natalie has been working very hard on being happy all the time. She tends to be very grumpy when she doesn't get her way or when she wakes up early or when she wakes up late or when she's eating, pretty much all the time... Unless she is eating candy that she wanted as a reward or won a contest then she is happy. Haha But she only has about six more days of being happy every morning and she earns herself a scooter.

I do get so happy when I look in the backseat and see my kids doing kind things to each other. After Boots's baseball game on Saturday I looked behind and he was letting Natalie rest her tired head on his shoulder. Usually touching is not allowed because of how it ends, but on Saturday it was so sweet and they did it for quite a while.

So we had baseball pictures on Saturday and I decided to not buy any this year. Brian does not like it when I spend money on pictures for a sport. I understand because he's doing two different things a year and it starts to add up. Instead I stood behind the photographer and took a group shot, I think it looks pretty good I don't need to pay $15 to have this printed for me thank you very much.

Also too... I cut my hair. Loving it!

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