Friday, February 24

Love ya

February was a super busy month so far. We had 100 day of school and Courtney didn't want to completely look like a 100 year old woman. Just kinda. I kept saying grandmas have grey hair and wear cardigans and have wrinkles and she would reply that is wrong because her nana doesn't have that stuff! Haha boots wore a shirt that took me a surprising amount of time. 100 safety pins attached: and Natalie was 100 balloons on her shirt. Thanks school for another day I have to work really hard for a picture! Haha  
Brian's cousin Brandon got his mission call. This has been much anticipated and we were so excited for him to finally open it! He got called to India English-speaking. We were also shocked his dad asked him to make sure it didn't say Indiana! Sure enough it is India and he reports next month. He is going to have such a excellent mission.

We have had lots of fun with friends after school, lots of time with cousins, Nana came to visit for a while and even aunt Robin and uncle Brian came for a visit. February has felt like it has flown by as we also started soccer and baseball season for Natalie and (boots).

Saturday, January 7


Stephen had a doctors appointment yesterday in the morning and begged and bagged that I would let him stay home as there was a small small chance that it may snow. I thought it until he convinced me with his sweet little smile so I allowed him to stay home and have a mental health day. Early in the afternoon we started to see some very small snowflakes out on the trampoline, slowly it's not a little bit more in a little bit more. He had so much fun playing in the backyard and jumping on the trampoline. He brought two bowls out and put them on the table to collect snow for his sisters when they got home from school. He is such a sweet boy. He ended up filling two bowls with snow for them. Texas snow is very silly when you compare it to Canada but for my kids this was so much fun! And for me this is so cold! In boots his defense, he did have a really bad ear infection.

Thursday, January 5


I am an idiot. Some friends of ours got a hover board for Christmas and I have always wanted to try it out even though I know it is dangerous and I am clumsy. I tried it out tonight's ago and did fine until it was time to get off, as I took 1 foot off I did not calculate that the other end would fly around and out from under me. I try to grasp onto the couch and ended up falling to the ground.
I bruised my bicep, my buttocks, and really hurt my finger. I went into go see Sean today because I was convinced I had broken my finger. It hurt to bend. After an x-ray and an examination he let me know that I only sprained my finger. I feel so foolish, especially because Brian warned me so many times not to do it. I guess I should feel lucky I didn't break anything! I will never buy one of those for my own home!

Wednesday, January 4

Tough cookie

Natalie is one of the hardest girls to read and to get along with. She is constantly challenging me and we butt heads quite a bit. I try so hard to make her kind and to help her see that that is the right way to be. We try to teach our children to be more like Jesus and for some reason it takes a lot to help it set in with her. She really struggles with this.

Today she walked in from school obviously upset about something that happened on their way home. Courtney and her paw come with another pair sisters, mercy and Lynne. They had gotten into an argument on the way home about something Silly and everybody had said somethings that they didn't mean and that wasn't very nice. When Natalie came home she explained her side of the story and she said she felt really bad and didn't know if they were going to be friends again. Mercy is her favorite friend at school so this really upset her. Natalie decided that the right thing to do would be to ride her bike back over to her friends house and her and Courtney apologize for whatever they did and let them know that they still wanted to be friends. This may not seem like a big deal to most children but Natalie this is huge. I am extremely proud of her for understanding the feelings she had and for taking the time to go and apologize. I know she was nervous because of her friends parents and she felt embarrassed but I know she feels good about doing the right thing.