Wednesday, December 30

Weekend report

I am the luckiest person alive. I have so much fun with this guy no matter what  we are doing we have fun together.  We went to Brians work party on Friday evening which was fun but come soda, not very good food and the candy bar sacked. But it didn't matter cause we had fun together. 

Then Saturday I got to hang out with two of my favorite people for the whole day!! We went to the coolest eye glass  shop to buy new glasses!! We laughed a lot and just enjoyed each other so much, shopping and eating is pretty much what we like to do! 

Today was sophia baptism and it was awesome. She is sick a smart good girl, love her. We also had the Christmas program in our ward so I went and sang in the choir. I love to sing even if I'm not very good and I don't get asked to do it much but it's my favorite. Singing is My favorite. 

Pre-order Christmas

We have been so busy around here. And it seems now that I am going through my pictures that poppy is our first and only child haha!! She is just so fun to take pictures of! 
She had officially learned to walk and that is how she gets around every where! She is saying momma dadda she attempts boots and says nana which I'm not sure if it's means nana or Natalie! She is loving her milk and can sign food and all done. She knows where her nose is and has the cheesiest smile ever! Love her. 

We have had Sophia's baptism in Carrollton, Brian went out to Portland for a weekend, my brother Danny came into town for one night, Brian and Robin's family for the holidays, gingerbread houses, last minute shopping, playing outside and falling into Nanas freezing cold pool, 74° weather, we went to the millennial choir concert which was amazing, and late night Walmart runs with lines that are out the door. People are insane with their Christmas shopping here! 
Brian had his birthday a few days before Christmas. Happy birthday to my main man! I always feel bad that he has to share his birthday so close to Christmas day. He always got his presents wrapped in Christmas paper and pretty much grouped together with his Christmas gift. He always says he doesn't want anything which makes me feel extra bad about celebrating his birthday. I really just need to start celebrating his half birthday instead. Anyway, enjoy the pictures we have had a really fun month.

Friday, December 11

Creeping up

Christmas is creeping up and I hope I'm ready. The same thing happens every year I think I'm done and there is more, and more. 
Trying to stay focused on things that matter during the season and like always the church has put out some great videos for the saviors birth. 

I am embarrassed to admit this but now that it is over I can do it- I hadn't gone to the dentist in almost 6 years!!!!! I was so scared to go and have him see my teeth. But I bit the bullet and did it. 4 cavities later And fillings too.... I was good to go. Boots tagged along with me and made fun of my when I got numb. He also was good for comic relief putting rubber gloves over his head. Haha

Poppy is always is the sweetest. We had finally done her first pony tails and she is officially growing too fast. She is walking half of the time and almost full time now,  after about 2/3 weeks of a few steps here and here. 
She has learned to say shhhhh with her finger, and say one by holding one finger up. She's pretty good with that one pointer finger. 
I have felt disorganized in life so I decided to redo my panty and laundry rooms. I love how they turned out love love love!! I still have a few things to do but for the most part is fine and done!! 

We went to the ugly Christmas sweater party again this year as we do and Brian won 2nd place this year with ornaments glued with hot glue into his beard. We thought for sure he would win wasn't his year again!!

This little darling seems to be talking more than ever before and won't ever stop! I love her but sometimes she drives me crazy!!!! She is kind and snugly and loves babies barbies and playing pretend with animals. She is so creative  and had a great imagination. 

Natalie had been doing piano and had been doing a fantastic job of it, get teacher is a14 year old girl named Brighton who used to be in our ward. Soccer is over but she had a fun season. Her and Stephen ride their bikes early to school every day and they love to ride fast. Get hair is growing fast as well and she just keeps getting more and more beautiful as she grows. 

Boots is himself crazy silly and so sweet top have around. He jumps on everything and is always running with holes in his knees and dirty hands. 

Now let's finish getting ready for Christmas and enjoy our time as a family celebrating the birth of christ. 

Tuesday, December 1

Give thanks

I am thankful for such great friends. We were able to drive down to Houston and spend the remainder of Thanksgiving week with the Butler's. They are truly our best friends. All the way from Brian and John down to poppy and will we love to spend time with them and are so grateful they are in our lives.
We had a lot of fun eating Thanksgiving dinner, cutting down a Christmas tree, eating way way much meet after standing in line for way too long, and just enjoying each other! Love you guys and happy Thanksgiving!