Sunday, February 28


Yesterday we decided to check out a traveling carnival in the area. Small, Dirty but got the job done. One carny, who looked like she was the old witch on Snow White, was convinced she knew Brian. creepy.
Brian was super cool and just the night before we had been shopping for our youth trek pioneer clothes. He bought a 2$ vest that was perfect... for 1849. OF COURSE he wore it to the carnival. Classy.
Boots hates rides. He just wants to run, wave, and cuddle. Natalie was awesome though and ran from one thing to the next. It was pretty empty though so most rides she was the only rider on the whole ride. She loved them all except the "scary dragon roller coaster". It was fun watching her face on all of them go from excitement to a little nervous as they got faster.
Eric REALLY wanted to do the gravity something ride. I LOVE RIDES and I was in line to get my ticket to ride with him, after he gets on though the carny turns to me and tells me that it is full. hmmm.... ya looks really full.

Last night the girls went to the Church's performance for the 10 Virgins which my Mother in Law was one of the beautiful voices. It was incredible. One of the most spiritual experiences I have had in a long time. TOri, my MIL sings like and angel, she honestly sounds like Julie Andrews, but better! It was amazing.
Today we celebrated the birthdays in Feb with a family dinner out here. Yum food, balloon games, cupcake decorating, and little sweet kisses were going on all night! I love the Rawl Family, I am so blessed to have a family away from my Mill family that is just as awesome. I dont think many people can say that!!

Ah, I love this kid. He is awesome. BOOTS.

Friday, February 26

3 days vs 3 weeks

In the last 3 days I have accomplished more than in the last month I feel like.

First I DEEP cleaned the bathrooms - YEAH. Lysol CAN help with this! I love a clean bathroom. But here's the thing, I never let the kids in when cleaning cause they are all over the cleaning supplies. So I locked myself in while they played INNOCENT. Wrong. I came out to 2 children who found Desitin cream and body lotion and were redecorating Stephens room in layers of it. Boots also got a new DESITIN hair style, caked onto his head. It was sick and disastrous. I opted not to take a picture. I was super frustrated. And please note... Lysol can NOT help with this. Nor with the pen I found all over my couch today.

Onto better things...
I got a family portrait painted by a total goose...

Then I thought that I haven't cooked in my kitchen in weeks so maybe I should take a shot at that. I VERY successfully made a loaf of bread and a pan of Cinnamon Buns. YUM!
Feeling rather Homemak-ey, and knowing Brian needed a couple dozen cookies for the night at the church, I decided to continue on in my quest for goodness. Better Homes and Gardens has been around for what 50? 75 years? Their cookbook should be like a no brainer, everything is awesome in it. Its not. Their cookies turned out WORSE than these, then I tried my own never fail cookies and FLAT, runny, and burnt. WHAT? So weird. I have no idea what happened. This is also something Lysol can not fix.
Then there is the little terror, climbing on EVERYTHING. I did not accomplish anything with him except find HUGE messes everywhere he went. His favorite mess is Natalie's books. Everyday, 227 times a day, he insists on sneaking into her room and pulling every single book off the shelf, followed by all of her toys and then heads to his room for blocks to scatter and balls to dump all over the place. Doesn't seem like a huge deal, but it happens all day everyday.

Finally, I made dinner. The Heard of The Pioneer Women? Well she rocks and her food is AWESOME. I got her cookbook for Christmas and have only tried a few things. One of which was this pizza. OH MY YUMMY! But you have to make her homemade dough which is EASY, fool proof and delish. And I made dinner which is a huge accomplishment for me!
I have all clean laundry in our house, not just in piles but folded AND put away. Thats right, I put away my laundry after 3 weeks!
Heres to more days like these!!

Thursday, February 25

They are everywhere.

Do you remember on my Big Fat Greek Wedding how the dad took Windex everywhere and used it on everything? That guy was hilarious right?!

Well lately I have been finding myself alot in him. Not with Windex though, Lysol disinfectant wipes.

Those things are awesome! Bathrooms, kitchens, mirrors, quick cleanups, and just about everything else! Brian totally made fun of me for it too, I hadnt showered yet yesterday and I was complaining about showering. Brian of course asked why I dont just use my Lysol Wipes. ha! But really, I should try it.

Monday, February 22

My emergency room

This last week/weekend was great. (sarcasm included)

First our heat went out. You would think that because it isn't freezing here you would be fine, you would be wrong. A house that it always between 50 and 60 is very cold, especially for little fingers and toes.
So we packed up and moved in with the Rawlins for one night, no biggie because it was getting fixed the next day.
Next day, Heater dude never shows up and he has some excuse about something. OK lets pack up again and head in there again, don't worry he promised the next day for sure.
Next day, Heater dude bails again explaining that he had a million dollar deal he didn't want to lose and we should go ahead and find someone else to fix it, our "parts were on back order anyway". Of course followed by a hang up from him. RUDE!
OK so its Friday, no one will come tonight. We pack up again, with hopes we would find someone the next day.
Miracle, someone was able to come out and fix the problem that had nothing to do with the heater. So in the long run it is a good thing heater dude #1 didn't fix it, because we would have paid a load of money and still not have a fixed heater.
whatever, now our house is warm again, and more importantly, I can sleep at my own house!

ok NEXT story. Saturday morning I head out to a meeting leaving Grandma and Grandpa to watch the kiddos for a few hours. Upon my return I find a comb completely wound up in Natalie long locks of hair. SO completely wound in there, I haven't the slightest idea of how she got such a tight one on this. The picture does it NO justice, and we already been working on it for a while!

*BACK STORY: Natalie, for those who don't know her, has been growing her hair for the duration of her life, 3.5 years and there is still not enough for a ponytail. But there is a lot of long stuff right on top that allows me to do some piggy's. I CHERISH this long hair. *

back to story... So after seeing this I decide to make an emergency room visit to Auntie Kathleen, our hair stylist. We rush over and I am convinced that we have a shaved head coming. (TEAR)
2 hours later we made it out with minimal hair loss. The last bit of hair was being untangled and we thought we had made it, but the comb pulled out with a big chunk of LONG hair attached. The Long Hair previously spoken of. Again tear. I totally cried.

We are back to little tiny pony tails... but at least it isn't shaved.

Sad and good that my first "emergency" I didn't have to go to the actual ER, but to a beautician!
I actually thought today would be my second emergency beautician run as I attempted to wax my eyebrows at home with my new wax pot. I feared waxing all my brows off for so long... But it was a success! Happy Hair removal!

Wednesday, February 17

Thats my deal

I love to be consistent with my blog but I haven't been. I do blog books and so I like to have close to daily things to write about and say and not wait so long that my post has to be forever long and boring. So I will be better. A blog a day would be great.

As for right now, here is a rewind to last week. We live in a place where Snow doesn't really fall. The most snow our area has seen in over 50 years is 1.5 inches of snow, every so often. Well last week we got ONE FOOT of snow which is and was ridiculous! Natalie was convinced we were in Canada. I, on the other hand, was re convinced as to why we live here and not Canada. Snow. Luckily here when it snows, it stays for about a day, maybe 2 then all goes away forever. So back to last week, it snowed and was FREEZING and stayed around for a good 3-4 days.

The kids loved it and I didn't want to be a fun mom and build a snowman till Dad got home so this was the PRE activity, activity for snow days 2010.

Dont be fooled by sweet face, this wasn't just "look at this snow mom!" It was "Here is some snow, it is a snowball and I am throwing it at your face, aka camera." 2 seconds later, all over my lens.

I did get shots of the snowman building, snow angel making, and snow ball fight later that night but those will come later.
A sad day happened too, Libby and her family left town. After having them here for 5 weeks I totally got used to it and felt a little like they were mine. We miss them already. PLEASE MOVE HERE! Although my wallet and waist line are glad you are gone! haha
Last night as I was off to bed, I noticed the thermostat wasn't working, indeed our heater has broken and will now need to wait until tomorrow to be fixed so last night and today have been full of hot chocolate, bundled up littles, and I have been FREEZING. I am just grateful we aren't somewhere where it is -20, or even 30 degrees. It is in the 50's/60's here today and that is saving us!
We had a very uneventful Valentines day, although Brian's mom stuffed us full of TREATS that are still taking over the counter... and my belly. But this day really isn't much to me. I mean really I just like to tell the people I love, that I love them. Chocolate and flowers always help, but I dont need to JUST get that stuff on Valentines day, I will gladly accept all year round!
ok till more energy comes for the download of the other pics... enjoy these!

Saturday, February 13

Boy Band Rewind

I am DJ tonight for a romantic date between Brian and Paxton(a bet resulting in dinner movie and back here for some Wii).

In finding some awesome songs from Lady Antebellum and Drake, I decided to take it back.

It started innocent with John Michael Montgomery, Bryan White, and then moving onto the good stuff...
98 degrees, Mariah old school, Brian McKnight, All 4 One, Notorious B.I.G.,and now we are partaking in some Boyz II Men.
They were so good.

I mean come on, Invisible Man, Always be my baby, One sweet Day, Back at One, I swear, Mo Money Mo Problems, On Bended knee, Water Runs Dry, I'll make Love to you?

Seriously. Memory lane. Dances galore. I mean those were the greats but then you have Back Street Boys, Nsync, Will Smith, or the old Puff Daddy, and black street?? haha
Good Times. I could go on forever. What is sad is that the youth of this generation have no idea and probably would just make fun.

They are missin out.

Wednesday, February 10

relate the message

This happened today.

Mom: "Natalie go tell daddy i want raemen."

Nat: "Daddy, mommy wants Robin(or Robyn :))."

Mom: "ok tell him i want ichiban"(Canadian raemen)

Nat: "mommy wants itchy bum."

useless, unless i wanted robin, robyn, and an itchy bum.

Tuesday, February 9


ok so I lied. Here I am blogging and sorry about the grouchy midnight Jeni on my last post, she has been around lately!
Anyway, we have had a busy few weeks with Lib and her fam and my mom all in town. Here are some cute pics from FHE the other night. The kids loved it.

And no Natalie CAN NOT spell but how nuts is this? She was picking up the fridge magnets and this was what came up on the fridge. KID GENIUS! Maybe some kids her age can do this but my nat cant even point out an "A".
At least that is a happy update, small but happy. Thats all I got. My life doesn't seem too exciting lately! ALTHOUGH, there is a letter broken on my keyboard which makes my computer time extremely frustrating. You would be surprised how much you need the letter "I". ARG! Boots ripped it off weeks ago and soooo annoying!

I suck

And I am very aware of this.
Again tonight I dont care, just like the last 3 weeks.
Maybe tomorrow.
Dont count on it.