Friday, March 29

Another passes

This last week has flown by.
I have a few hours left until I am done my realtor classes and can take my exam. It can't come fast enough!
Haha funny thing, my Mom is visiting for Easter and she brought down some old folders of my stuff, Like reports, report cards, Etc. I was going through it and found an old report card from 12th grade. I'm ashamed to put this up but if was full of a bunch if 55% and lower. How sad. My average halfway through the year was failing(47). What was I doing? What was I thinking? Anyway, it's nice to now know how to study and why it's important and get it done!! Sooo almost there!

This is a Random picture post of kids stealing my phone, stealing my shoes, and fun girls lunches and dinners. Kats birthday celebration, and then mom and Bonnie are in town so miller lunch!

The kids are great. Natalie was telling me about cows on a farm yesterday and I asked how you milk a cow. She thought for a bit, then she said "through their bum straws!" Hahaha she I funny. At least I thought so!

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