Wednesday, November 27

More haps

Family night out at taco bueno, lots and lots of hanging out at home. Colds, repairmen and laundry feel like daily occurrences! 
Giant Texas donuts- thank you round rock Texas! 
Drew won Super Bowl. I realize this is not a picture of the football game or player but the cold cheering section. It was so cold. 
I backed into our garage door on my new car 1 week anniversary. I'm glad I got my first scratch out if the way. Suck. 
Snuggles all day long 
Piano and "R" wall complete! 
School is out this week so I am sure we will have a lot more fun to have! Thanksgiving, shopping, family time, and maybe some surprises in there! 

Monday, November 25

My talents

 I am really proud if this girl - she has been saving her money for months, probably over a year. The other day at Costco she say a white tiger and knew she had to have it. She came home, counted her money and today we went off on the hunt for the tiger at Costco. We got it at the second one we went to. She counted out her 17$ quarters, pennies, nickels and dimes. She lives her new tiger angel snow Rawlins. 

Most importantly.... Real conversation between Natalie and I:

Mom - "Natalie, your outfit is really cute!"
Natalie- "ya mom, my talents are fancy, artist, and spy...I'm a really good spy."

A day in the life

I love my blog. I love the stories and pictures. But today I stink. I have been so busy that I have let it fall for then first 2.5 weeks of November... I guess I have some making up to do. I wish for it to be my dairy entries if the frustrating, funny, happy, sweet, sad moments of my life. One day it will be. 
Today here is a recap if out life:
Temper tantrums
Too tired to last a full day and getting caught by your 3 year old
Movie dates (planes)
Drews finals - they are in Super Bowl next week!! Go razorbacks 
Painting rooms (Courtney went blue)
Future nba star started his first practice! He thinks he's dirk! 
Free hot chocolate and pink eye
Thanksgiving concert with his cute little buddy Carissa (also his first kiss- we had a long talk)

Our new addition that I have been waiting 8 years for! I love her... She needs a name.
No shave November with these creeps. 
Bye bye burb- you have been a great car to our little family. 
Hello van mom. Brian and I both shed a tear for the burb. 

But... We live our new van!! It's sweet!!
That's the first half of November... Now back to business.