Sunday, January 31

Christmas break

I am SO behind on this!!!!! But here is my Christmas post. 
It was wonderful to have so much family around but it was actually very difficult for me to juggle it all. 
With both sides of the family here I had a small, or larger than small, break down!!! It gave me so much anxiety!  I love everyone but sometimes there is too much too close. I needed a family break. 

It was wonderful though. Christmas Eve was over at our house with all of the Millers. We did a whole bunch of appetizers, nativity pageant, singing, Christmas bells, and then opening jammies! As per our own family tradition all of the kids minus the baby slept in our room that night. Christmas day was wonderful. I always love to see my kids faces when they see all of their presents! That is something that never gets old. We went to the Rawlins for lunch, to which I brought my very own new professional crêpe maker!!! Thanks to hun. We had a root beer taste test and presents. 
Then we headed to my moms for Miller Christmas dinner and more presents!! It was busy and fun. 
Main event, and then a New Years polar plunge at the craguns was on the agenda. New Year's Eve events were fun with lanterns the kids got to send off in the night. We had them write their wishes on them. Courtney wished for a new baby brother... Nice try! 

Brian and I went to the temple 3 times over the break. More tHan we would typically go but it was great! Fogo de chao to celebrate brians birthday and lots of laughs and marbles!! It was fantastic. But I was ready for school to be back in!!