Tuesday, April 9

"Hi mum"

This raspy little voice is the sweetest I've ever heard. Courtney talks non stop and is always making us laugh. She loves to say prayers and she has to be one of the most stubborn kids I know. Everything must be done "my own self", and it can't be my idea... Always hers. She hates holding my hand and loves to tease boots the most. He hates it all day.
She LoVES to sing, especially church songs, but Taylor swift or Justin beiber will do in a pinch. She's growing like a weed and although she's only 2.5 she wears 3/4 sized everything. She is now potty trained, which is such a beat down with little accidents here and there. And the worst Is that she likes to try and clean her little potty all by Herself everytime, leaving a huge mess everytime! She loves playing on the iPad, or my phone and loves to get her hair done- strange. She makes us laugh all the time with her facial expressions and questions. She loves to "love" babies and especially Nina. She is the worst snuggler ever and just giggles and tosses and turns the whole time. She doesn't know how to whisper so it's always loud. When she tells secrets, she puts her ear on your ear and just moves her lips. She sticks her fingers And toes through the holes in her blanket and sucks on it till it is soaking. She loves her baby dolls, and a good play cell phone that makes noise. Stop being so cute and growing up.
She is the best last child and the sweetest baby to our family. I love her so much!!

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