Saturday, October 30

Im the fancy teacher

Natalie loves to play pretend. I wish I had live feed into this room with us. Natalie has all of her stuffed animals (babies) lined up against the wall and she is taking them up to the front of her class one by one to either say a prayer, sing a song, or give a "talk". She is playing church with her sunbeams. Overheard during one of the prayers was her classic prayer line:
"Us love everything us Love"!
She says this every time she prays. Its awesome. You sum up all of your blessings in one sentence. She is a great teacher. Boots is lined up beside the animals, poor kid is getting strung around with the pretend babies. But he loves it. He is her little puppet and will do what she wants when she wants... until he pulls it all off and starts throwing the babies around the room with his new manly roar. He has to show us all who is the man!
Today there are special babies because the "new kids" in the class are from her birthday party. She had 7 little girls over for a FANCY NANCY party this morning and it was awesome. I have to admit, I think I did an awesome job. The place was all decked out in pink and purple boas, streamers, and balloons. yes, there are TONS of pictures (not very good ones either) because who knows is I will ever go all out like this again. It was so much fun though!
The decorating went into the wee hours of morning, 345 I got to bed. But Justin and Andrea came over to help and we got creative with how to hang the crepe paper high up the wall!
Then the final touches. I made this banner and it took me a long long time, but it was worth it. Love it.
Boas and Crowns in one room waiting to be dressed up in! (soo dark I know.)
Then into the kitchen. little foods with little frilly toothpicks for little frilly girls!
And the party began with coloring pages while everyone arrived.
Then a little Fancy Nancy story time. It is SUPER intimidating with all these little ears, and adults in the room listening to me read!
Then into the kitchen for some etiquette lessons, PINKIES UP LADIES!! We learned how Nancy eats and how to speak french. MERCI!
After lunch we headed back into the other room for makeup, manicures, and bracelet and necklace making.
They all got boas and tiaras and REALLY enjoyed looking at themselves in the mirror!! I love watching little girls see themselves and think they are so pretty!
Group shot? NOT POSSIBLE. It is really hard to get a bunch of girls to smile, let alone look. So we tried pinkies up picture.
Last we headed to the KINGS CROWN for parfaits! That is fancy for Sundaes!! I learned that little 4 year olds LOVE sprinkles!! mmmm, I am still waiting for my turn to go in the kitchen and make mine!
Natalie got some fun gifts, everyone was so thoughtful and sweet to come and bring fun things for Nat. This was one of her favorites, more hair. I think it is awesome that family from all sides give her long hair and think it is funny. She thinks it is real and LOVES to have long hair. Seriously guys, awesome. She loves it.

SOOOO after a really fun few hours with girly girls, the party ended and we are STILL having a blast with everything fancy. I had so much fun today, and I am sooo not 4! I love having little girls!

I have TONS of other blog updates to make (Halloween parties, John and Emmas Visit, etc.) But I am trying to space them all out since I always overload the pictures.

Sunday, October 24

Holy Canolli

My baby girl, well not my baby baby, but my first baby is 4. FASTEST 4 years ever!! Last weekend was her birthday and we had a great day celebrating. Our Friends John and Emma came in town for the weekend and so Friday we took the whole day to celebrate Nat-a-tat.
The day started out with a special delivery for Natalie. The delivery man even specifically asked for her and she was SO thrilled to get her own cookie bouquet delivery with a ton of balloons!! Thanks Nana and Grandad for the cookies that I ate, almost entirely by myself. I mean a 4 year old cant eat that many cookies!
McDonald's for Lunch. These play places are sick and crawling with germs. No wonder we all got sick that weekend. But the kids had fun.
In this area there are these very strange black birds. They hang out in hundreds, if not thousands all over the place. Chris and Natalie (in orange tutu), took this opportunity to chase after hundreds of them. Have you ever seen the old movie Birds? ewww this is what it reminds me of, these birds are gross.

Then we had a very quick "party" at the softball Fields. Cupcakes and a few family gifts and the boys had to leave for below mentioned baseball game.
That night, the boys left us to go to the Rangers game. This was last week so we still didn't know they would be going to the WORLD SERIES, but now they are and we are super excited. The boys had fun and came home with 20 reusable cups and some other memorabilia. This actually isn't as cool as it seems because they didn't buy any of it. They got it off the ground after the game. half of the cups smelt like beer. Sick.

I love my little girl. She is growing up so fast. She has sas and attitude but she is still very sweet and loving. She has a personality that would make anyone melt! She can be really shy around a lot of people but once she knows you and gets used to you, she breaks loose and you cant help but love on her. She was a very special first addition to our family 4 years ago and life hasn't been boring since she arrived.
She loves all things pink, purple, frilly, princess, Fancy Nancy (just fancy in general), and anything that sparkles. She is 100% pure girl.
Your my girl Nan!

Friday, October 22

"Adother Patch?!"

babies are so yummy. especially this baby! She is so sweet, sleeps good... enough, eats really well, poops a lot, and is just so stinkin cute. Why is it that babies prefer MY bed and pillow over their bassinet or crib? It just always seems to work out that way!
Time has already flown by, 6 week old sleeping beauty!
Last week was Natalie's birthday, and we got a little package in the mail from Cousin Taylor. aside from a sweet picture and frame, they sent along this awesome pink hair. Natalie LOVES it. She walks around touching it and letting it touch her arm/back and just has this little look on her face that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. She wants hair so bad. I told her the hair was to wear JUST at home and she was ticked. The funny part is that she thinks her hair is long normally, and she will put her hair back and shake her head from side to side and say "Mom! Look how long and pretty my hair is!" Anyway, thanks Tay, we love the hair!
We hit up a new pumpkin Patch yesterday that was awesome. Boots now asks "Adother Patch?!" everywhere we go. Even if we are going to the bathroom that is what he asks. But it was low key and not too busy, but so much fun for the kids. I am getting really excited about Halloween! I tried matching them up in black, I find matching us all helps when I lose a child! Av, Kat, and Liv came with us and we just played and played till they all pooped out.

Then Sister got her moment when we got home and Natalie couldn't stay away for a minute. Poor baby, my kids are so overpowering. I borrowed this basket from a friend thinking "this will be so cute to take some pics of the baby in." Again, not at all how I imagined, but cute enough.

rangers play again tonight, game 6. We HAVE GOT to take this one! So any time after 630, don't bother us because we will be intently watching a WIN!!

Wednesday, October 20


Is my blog really as depressing as I think it is? Do I even talk about possitives anymore? It is hard when you dont see many possitives in the day. Ive got sassy pants, and then crazy monkey boy, busy hubbsie, and finally sleepy sweet baby Q(the possitive part of this post). Other than trying to speak quietly around baby cakes, I feel like majority of my day is a not so quiet sort of holler(I dont want to call myself out on yelling) .

these 2 rugrats HAVE to be everywhere littles and I are.

this is called "everytime she eats" face. i can just hear a satisfied gurgle goin on!

at least they love eachother and dont hate!

But tell me its a boy thing, or a 2.5 year old thing, or anything but a boots thing. Tell me he will grow of it and not always give me this much stress in my life. HE IS CRAZY and I feel like he is finding more and more to get into and to make a mess of, or be sneaky about every day, every minute actually.
Im telling you, today it was a toothpaste suckdown rerun, empty and line up the hemmerhoid pads, and then the regular messy kid stuff. there is always something with him.Aside from getting frusterated with him all the time, there is something super silly he has been into lately. Justin Bieber. He loves him. He loves to hear him, see him, and dance along with him. He requests him and can sing along to almost all his songs. This obsession would be kinda sad and sick, except that Brian and I are equally as into him! Yes he is 16 and has crazily popular hair, but we love him. He is really talented! Laugh all you want, but he really is talented. So its true, I "heart" JB.

I hate always making my blog about my kids, and me, and me and my kids... kinda boring. But obvioulsy that is kinda my life.
Right now there is more going on though, We have the Rangers. This is bigger than me. This is bigger than you. This is huge! They have never made it into the post season EVER. They killed the first round and now they are in the second series against the Yankees. As I type, we are watching the game. If they win they will go to the World Series and THIS is going to happen, I feel it. This is going to be awesome. They are our team! It would really be radical if they went all the way and won it all. AHH! So Go Rangers!!