Monday, July 22

He's definitely taller

Boots got an extra special birthday this year… a trip to Hawaii!! He was kinda sad that he didn't get a traditional birthday, but leading up to the big day all he wanted to do was have a day building sand castles at the beach. That morning I had hung the birthday banner and some other decorations and when he saw it, he was convinced that if he went to the beach he would miss his whole party… so we stayed home and played at the pool at day. It was fun, and very chill. later with some tacos, cake and presents he was a very very happy little 5 year old! When he woke up that morning I told him he was taller and he had more freckles and had more hair on his head - he was definitely 5. He looked at me shocked and said "You mean I am ALREADY 5?!" He thought he had to have his party before he could turn 5. Sweet little boy. AND we got to celebrate with Brooke, Tim, Rick, and Garrett before they all left.


Alysha said...

happy birthday little man!

Proud Momma said...

Yay Boots! I told Char today that yesterday was his birthday and she looked up at me all shocked and said "You mean we missed it? I wanted to go!":( We miss you guys!