Saturday, July 13

Farm life

A day at the farm is just what this little cowgirl needed. Natalie got some cowboy boots since we have been in Canada and she has taken an interest in anything that relates tot he farm or a cowgirl. She has asked us what cowgirls eat, wear, how they do their hair, how they walk, and if they are artists. She loves being there feeding the bunnies and milking a goat. None of the other kids would touch the goat utter but she loved it! Courtney was especially confused and didn't want anything to do with the "goats pee".
We spent the day at Butterfield acres, which is a little farm that has been around at least since I was little. There are pony rides, baby chicks and chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, emu's, geese, and rabbits. I am sure there were more farm animals too. Boots was ready to go when we got there, but Natalie had the time of her life. I got grossed out when we walked into the little pig pen and I saw 2/3 mice scamper away. I wanted to throw up, and I tried my hardest not to show my kids how scared of them I was. I smiled through the pigs and we were on our way. I hate mice, nothing like my sister who is terrified, but I do think they are nasty. 

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