Wednesday, July 10

Too soon

Yesterday being a rainy day, we knew we couldn't do a bunch of the things we have on our list. So instead we took the 1.5 hour drive out to Drumheller to go to the Dinosaur museum. It was really interesting and fun to learn about the fossils that have been discovered and how so many of them have been found in Alberta! I wish I had more time to go through and read everything there was to read... but the kids were just too young! Their attention span was short lived and they were ready to go. They did have some fun looking at some of the displays of the fossils that have been found and really it is amazing!

 I love going to museums and learning about new things. It is probably one of my and Brian's favourite things to do without kids. Each year on our anniversary trip we always go to at least one museum and just enjoy reading and learning about new things. This might be on our list of museums to go through together! By the way, our anniversary trip this year will be next week after he arrives in Hawaii. Since we were planning this trip anyway, there was no point in planning a whole other trip as well, although I would have been fine with it!

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