Saturday, July 6

Animal planet

One of the horses was spotted by a neighbour the other day laying down for hours and hours. She wouldn't get up to drink or eat and she wouldn't walk. I went out to check on her and to see if we needed a vet to come out. The poor thing would barely move but finally we got her over to the fence. While waiting for me to walk through the pasture to get the horses, my kids all got cut up by the barbed wire and cutting their clothes and arms and bellies. Aside from my crying, whining kids spooking the horses, we finally were able to say hi and check out honey's leg. Poor girl.  

 On the way home we spotted a whole heard of about 30 buffalo. When I stopped to take their picture, they started all wondering over to the fence to have a closer look at what we were doing and who we were. they are so big and ugly!
 Then there is SASHA. I don't understand what my kids see in this cat. I am not a cat person and I really think she is lazy and hairy. She hisses at my kids all day long and swats them away with her paw... and they are nothing but sweet to her. They are gentle and kind and don't tease. I think years of other kids taunting her and bothering her has made her into an old grump and she only likes my mom now.
 on july 4th, we had to celebrate a little!!! So we made up a cake and decorated it up like the US flag. We also dipped some strawberries and made them patriotic. Thats about all we did though. I missed being in the States for the Fourth this year. God bless America!

 We turned on a movie tonight for the kids and they chose the OLD real person Alice in Wonderland. They were all into it, then we lost Courtney. She was so little and cute sitting in that big chair. Natalie was super into it until the end, but Boots not so much. He kept complaining about not liking it. i don't get it though, movies are so different now then they used to be. I will admit they used to be a little boring and long and not as captivating, but this one has SO much fun music! It reminded me of the many times that libby and I would watch that movie! I used to love it!! "Jam tomorrow jam yesterday... but never ever jam today..." haha

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Love that version of Alice!