Wednesday, July 3

A mighty fine crew

Growing up we always went out to the cabin in Invermere, BC. I was so sad when my parents sold their cabin, and sad that my kids could never experience all the fun times I had there growing up. It was the best summer vaca spot and we would spent weeks and weeks there. We shared it with 3 other families, mostly our relatives. anyway we would end up going up for our week then a few of us would stay up when our next cousins would come, and then when our friends would come and it was just fun all summer long at the lake. 
Anyway, since i have been married, I have come home every summer for at least a month and I have loved every summer that i spend up here in the perfect weather and away from the Texas heat. Well for the last 6 years we have come up and gone out to my Dad's sail boat that is out in Victoria, BC. I have been able to get certified and cruise around the islands with my parents and have also loved the memories of that and bringing my kids out there to do that. I have some great funny stories and have seen some of the most beautiful things in my life out there. Boat life is so different than anything I have ever known! 

soooo....point of all of this is that my Dad is selling the boat to my uncle who lives in Australia and they needed to get the boat down there. The journey will take several months and the first leg of the journey is from Victoria to Hawaii. The Crew got wound up and Brian of course jumped on that!! It has been something that we always thought would be cool to do and he wanted to go, and could with the flexibility of his company. 

This last weekend we headed out to BC to see the boat off... so we spent a few days in the cutest little town called Chemainus. We usually only go there by boat and it is so small and quaint that it was strange to actually stay there and drive in by car! It is a town known for its murals painted everywhere and the little theatre with live plays year round. The kids loved all the hotels and playing at the boat on the docks waiting for the crew to finish up the preparations to leave. 

 My Cousin Brookie. I haven't seen her in 14 years and it was SO fun to see her since she spent over a year with us when I was 16 years old. She became my sister and I love her so much. She is only a few months younger than me and it was so fun to catch up and meet her husband!

 Boots had a blast running up and down the docks catching star fish, spotting jelly fish, feeding clams to the crabs and watching the boats come and go. Mom bought him a little kids fishing pole that he really wanted opened up and everyone was just a little busy getting things done around the dock and boat. We were kind of scattered. All of a sudden, I hear cries coming from along the dock and soon realized it was boots. I see him running at me holding his arm with blood coming out everywhere. My first thought was a fish hook got caught and we took him down to the boat to get cleaned up and see what was going on. I finally got the story out of him that he wanted to open his pole and he went down into Grandads cabin and found a brand new pocket knife, opened it up and started to try and open his pole. he sliced his thumb in the process. Typical boots. just a little emergency before the boat took off!

 Brian has been growing out his beard for several weeks and then the day before he came, he shaved his head. He had never done this before and although I couldn't stop looking at him at first and touching his head, I think I kinda like it! haha

 Here is everyone before they took off....

 I had tears in my eyes and rolling down my face. I know they will be fine but I am a little nervous about it all and hope they make it ok and everything runs smoothly. It is such a scary amazing adventure they are taking!

We then turned around and got on the ferry to come home. the kids thought the ferry was the coolest thing ever!! We watched the beautiful sunset from there!

meet the CREW:
BROOKIE "Mary Ann"
                                                              Brian "Ginger"
                                                            Dad "Captain"
                                                              Tim (Brookes hubby) "Gilligan"
                                                           Uncle Rick "The Pirate"
                                                                Garrett "the professor"
So safe sailing guys and see ya in 3 weeks!!!
If you would like to follow their sailing blog it is on my blog role on the side... it is called "voyage of the Fury IV" They send me info in texts or short calls daily and I will keep it updated. 


BrittanyB said...

Wow Jeni, that is so crazy and exciting.How long will he be gone? I hope YOU survive without him! Good luck to everyone!

Meagan M said...

Holy CRAZY!! And so exciting!! I just read the blog and I'm literally on the edge of my seat! Keep it up! This is so fascinating!