Tuesday, July 2


Calgary, Alberta, CANADA. It was a City where I was born and raised. I come back every Summer and usually Christmas. It is the most beautiful city and place that I have ever been to. It is clean and fresh and the mountain views are gorgeous. I never knew how awesome and pretty it was until I left for Texas. 
Dont get me wrong, I am not saying anything bad about Texas...I LOVE Texas. But it just isn't Calgary. 
So we arrived last week and the day we arrived it was raining. It had been raining for days and the River that goes from the mountains through the city and south through southern Alberta had flooded. Never before since my parents have lived there (40 years) has this ever happened. I actually don't think  it has ever happened. These pictures aren't in Calgary but they are in the town where my parents live. you cant even tell the depth of it all without knowing how it usually looks, but it is crazy.
The flooding took out entire towns along the way and tore houses down the river. They evacuated 100,000 people out of the their homes and thousands of homes and cars are destroyed. Thick mud is all that remains now and there is a huge need for volunteers to help clean up. Thousands around the city have chipped in to help out and it has been really neat to be here to see the City come together to help one another. 
We went out to the dam close by my parents house where they had opened 3 of the gates to let the water out slowly. It was insane.

At least they got to enjoy the aftermath of the rain... hundreds of worms that they quickly collected named and cared for. It made me want to vomit. Gross! Wormy and squirmy were the most loved of all the worms. 


Alysha Sladek said...

ughhh I HATE worms!!!

The flood has been unreal! It's been amazing to see the people come out and help. I've been down in Bowness 5 days documenting the volunteering and it's been awesome to see. Have to admit the first day I was down there was so overwhelming I could barely see through the tears. Like something out of a movie!
Hope the rest of your time here is better :)

aidanjordan said...

That is sad and crazy! Flood cleanup is horrible and I don't wish it on anyone. It is nice to see people come together after tragedy though.

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

GAG!!!! Worms. YUCK! Your kids are so hilarious. That Natalie is a dare devil!

Poor Calgary!! I love that city and even though I never actually LIVED there, I was born there and my heritage is there. My heart just hurts whenever something happens, and this flood was catastrophic. I hope they recover quickly.