Thursday, July 18


While I was in calgary, I was able to see a few of my dear wonderful friends. I don't love to make tons of visits when I am home as it tends to fill up all my days, and truly when I come home...I just wanna chill with my ma and pa! But this time a few worked out perfectly and it was so much fun to see some of my friends. 

Melinda and I took our kids to an amusement park which they LOVED! I miss melin so so much. She is one of my favorite people in the whole world. She and I became friends in college. She was an answer to prayers. She has been a true friend through and through... For some rough times and the best times I have experienced. She has been with me in my most embarrassing times and shared the biggest laugh attacks I have ever had. I love this girl!

I had the chance to go see Andrew and his wife Catherine and their CUTE little guy Kieran. He and I have been good friends since we were 14 and have maintained that friendship! He's always been there for me and has always been a steady friend! It's just the same when you go forever without seeing each other ya know? We pick up where we left off. 
I also went and saw Dave and Ashley with their darling daughters. Holy those girls are cute! Ha ha Dave and I go back to about 12 years old I think. He is another great steady friend that I have always been able to look to for advice and help. Myself, him, and 3 other of our friends made up what we called "the crew". haha (dorks!)we were tight!! I didn't meet Ashley till they were married but she is awesome! The kids had a blast together. 
Man I have good friends. I missed seeing all the ones I didn't see and the ones who no longer live there anymore. I have been blessed with good friends all around me from different times in my life and I am still making new, but equally as awesome friends. I never expected that! And it's like having more kids... Your capacity to love just grows. I wish I had the capacity to keep up with everyone but sadly I suck at that. I love them all though! 


Alysha said...

So great seeing friends, but so hard to see everyone especially when you're not up for long. Glad you got to connect with some of them. Love Dave and Ash ;)

Meagan Cooper said...

SO sad I wasn't up in Calgary to see you!!! I think we are going up in Aug. Love the pictures and of course all the friends!!!Looks like a fun visit!!