Tuesday, August 6

Reading pass

In kindergarten last year Natalie earned a free pass to go to Six Flags over Texas. She did this by reading a certain number of hours, I think it was 360 hours or something. The pass was good from June until July of this summer and I realized yesterday that it was going to expire. So I took her to Six Flags today and we spent the entire day there having fun. 

She is so brave and every ride that she was tall enough to go on, she went on. This included the 400 foot swings - that is the tallest swing ride in the entire world. It was insanely scary, my palms were sweaty, but she didn't even budge. She had so much fun smiling and screaming on every ride. There were only about five or six rides that she was not tall enough for so hopefully next year she will be tall enough to go, because I know that she will be brave enough to go! 

It was a blast. I hope that boots and nat will earn their free pass next year and we can take them both! I love rides, especially scary ones, so it is so fun to have been able to have a buddy! 

My favorite part Of the day was our chats. She asked me about being in love and boyfriends and we talked about how old she have to be before she was allowed to have a boyfriend. We talked about why people break up. And that you don't always have to be in love with your boyfriend. She asked me why some people only have one mommy or one daddy and not both. And she was really concerned that she would already be a mommy and not know who she was supposed to marry! She is darling and I love her so much. She is growing into a beautiful fun, but still sassy, little girlfriend of mine and I love it! 

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Libby said...

SUch a fun mummy! SHe is a little daredevil!