Monday, July 8

Do what we can

I wish the rain would stop. I am kinda cold and want some hot days. I guess I may have come to the wrong place for HOT weather right? Luckily we will be heading off to Hawaii in less than a week!! AHHHH I cant wait to relax and soak it all in. (by the way, be checking the blog on my side roll for The Fury IV it is the sailors and they are doing great)
With kids the ages of my kids, it is hard to get down and dirty and volunteer. With all of the flood victims, we have been wanting to help out in some way. I don't think that being in the flooded houses is any place for my 2, 4,  and 6 year old so instead we have baked and baked cookies. They are going down to be passed out with lunches for both people who are in High River to volunteer and the people who live, or lived, down there. the kids had fun and they knew it was for a good cause.


Anna@Exasperation said...

That is an awesome idea, Jen!

BrittanyB said...

Setting a wonderful example for those kiddos!