Friday, July 12

Lady Time

I have great kids and I love them so much. They are sweet and cute and snuggly and giggly... but they are also sassy and naughty. I still love them though. 

So today Mom and I needed some time to just us. Not sharing the car, the radio, the conversations, the air, the bathrooms, the restaurants, and everything else with 3 little nincom-poops.

We got a babysitter to take the kids to Calaway Park. This was a little scary for me to have her drive them there and stay there for a long time today, but I knew they would be fine and the kids seriously had so much fun. All of the big rides that I have been convincing Natalie to go on with me, she went on today numerous times with the babysitter (and her little sister who came to help out.) But they couldn't stop talking about the fun they had, so that was something so nice to come home to. 

Anyway, we got a babysitter this morning and we headed out. We first hit the temple for a wonderful morning. The Calgary Temple is just beautiful and it was so fun to go. I cant believe that there is a temple here! So exciting!

We then left and went to lunch, and then on to pedicures and relaxation mode! We ended it with a little shopping and then home. It was such a needed day away. Momma needs a break sometimes!

My kids just run me down and I feel my anxiety levels raise higher and higher. The car gets a little louder, and then the teasing and the screaming, and the whining, and then before you know it... I am mad and yelling. I HATE THAT! Which is why a peaceful day at the temple and with my momma was so great today. 
I have had a hard time without Brian around to show the kids who is boss. They tend to walk all over me when it is just us. I always think I am being strict and the "boss", but they see right through me I guess! Maybe yelling when they make too much noise isn't getting me where I want to be. Well, one thing is for sure. I sure love having 3 kids and just 3 kids! I am at my limit and who is to say what it would be like if I had more... I would really need help then! I am grateful for them and that I have them, but I am also grateful that I can see my limitations. I know that I am at my max load and just because 3 kids is hard for me, doesn't make me less of a mom than a mom with 5 or 6 kids. A mother knows what she can handle and I am glad that I know where my limit is. I look up to my sister who does 5 kids with ease. She seems to handle everything without a wrinkle and rarely ever looses her cool. She is a fabulous mother. 

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