Sunday, November 28


I love my Girls. Wow, I am so grateful for my kids, and there is something so special about girls. I am a very girly girl so having girls to do girl stuff with is so much fun! I know I always talk about it, but I am just wishing and praying for the day when I can do fun things to Natalies hair. I did ask the Doctor about it and she said unless it was SUPER thick or falling out, not to worry... ok! It is hard since she is over 4 years old and it has grown MAYBE 2 inches in the last 4 years of life, but I will wait! Lets hope Court has better luck in that area!

Anyway, we have been having a lazy weekend and it is so great! Usually I hate sitting around but this weekend it has been surprisingly awesome, like sitting around in my jammies yesterday until 4pm and not feel sloppy about it like I do on other days I do that! Today has been an exceptionally chill Sunday and it has been sweet. Here are some random pictures from our day just to document how adorable little Ms. Courtney is getting! She is 11 weeks old and smiling and laughing and cooing all the time. I love this girl!
Boots has a new found love for my bangs. He will walk up to me and put his fingers through my bangs over and over "MOM! I like your bangs! I like your bangs!!" I had no idea he even knew what they were! He is more like his Dad than I thought!

Yesterday I was grateful for Carrabbas Caesar Salad Croutons. Ohhh they made my day! Also grateful for shirts that dry fast after being puked all over while walking into Carrabbas. Saved me from starving and from embarrassment!

Yesterday Brian was grateful for Carrabba's Mozzarella sticks. Interesting that we both chose Carrabba's food. Can you tell food is important to us!?

Today I am grateful for a warm home. It isn't "freezing" outside, but it is pretty cold and to be in my warm home is just what I need.

Today Brian is grateful for Boots face after he had an excellent nap. His hair is all crazy and sweaty, and his cheeks are always red and hot. Simply Kissable.

Something I am definitely not grateful for today is their bunk bed. That thing scares me several times a day. I am waiting for a big accident to happen when one of them get injured from it being so high and them being the craziest children know to this earth. I am not kidding. They are acrobatically nuts.

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Calloways said...

J - love love love the hair. You kiddies are cute too ;)