Monday, November 8


In Texas pumpkins go bad Fast, I am talking within 2 days they are squishy and growing mold. I need to make sure that we only carve a day or 2 before Halloween. So this year I let the kids pick their own pumpkins, and they chose white ones. I like to control them, and so at first I made them put them back and pick orange, then I realized I am crazy and let them pick white. Natalie wanted to carve a hello kitty pumpkin(which I tried) and it turned out horrible. I am lucky she is 4 and she loved it. BOOTS picked his face and loved it. He also LOVED the guts inside, Natalie not so much!
Then we had our church TRUNK OR TREAT and Halloween party. The kids had a ton of fun on the bounce houses, the hayride and or course getting the grub. Boots was so cute going car to car, pushing his way to the front of the kids to say "trick or treat!" I wanted to scold him for being so pushy but he is just so stinking cute, and everyone else thought he was so cute, so I let him keep doing it. After we would finish at one car he would move on and say "Next house mom!" He loved it! Natalie went around with her little friend Molly, the robot, and they held hands the entire time! So sweet. We only did one round of cars but we walked away with TONS of candy.
I make Brian dress up as something every year and he hates it. This year I talked him into a pirate, but he would only dress up his head. What a bum!

On Sunday we had the family over for our monthly family birthday dinner. We decided that instead of trick or treating the houses outside that we would do something inside. So each family was in charge of a door in our house and they brought an activity and some candy. The kids went around first and did the bean bag toss, foggy apple juice, and fishing pond... then they went around a few more times for candy. It was a lot of fun and they thought they were trick or treating! Natalie decided to be a princess for this, and Stephen was a fireman. I was too lazy to dig his pirate costume out of the dirty clothes.
I need to just take a moment and spotlight my family members. First I have an amazing sister. Enough said. Also, I have awesome sister in laws, I have 4 and I love them all. Robin, Robyn, Anna, and Kathleen. They are all radical. But I also have super cool brothers/in laws... Garrett comes home tomorrow morning and we are all so excited. I wont be able to sleep probably! Natalie came into my room this morning and woke me up "Mom! Lets go get Garrett!!" Sadly, I had to inform her of another day's wait! Anyway, all the rest are the best Dan, Sean, Eric, and Chase. But who I really Really want to spotlight here is Brian. He is amazing. Not only does he have 4 kids, he is an ER Doctor, BUT he also is very talented with his hands with other things. He knits and Crochets. He sent Courtney this beautiful blanket and we love it. She sleeps with it every night. Brian, you seriously rock! Basically I have the best siblings ever. I lucked out with ALL of them!


Alysha said...

can't say enough how much i love trunk or treating! hahah
cute costumes!!
love the blanket too. talented family you have ;)

jayme said...

Cute post! Plus you have the best mom who use to make us the best dinners at KH! The good old days!

Miller Time said...

so cute Jeni. I love that picture of Courtney! Bloomers look so cute and you are right you do have an very talented brother. I think he his pretty amazing to.

Julie said...

Your Hello Kitty jack-o-lantern looks pretty darn good if you ask me!!!!!!

The RC Miller Clan said...

I love love love the name Courtney Lynne! You did well guys. Good on you Jeni for realizing when you're being controlling and changing. Thats exactly how its done! Woohoo!