Friday, November 5


The flu sucks.
The flu with 3 small children at home sucks even more.
The flu sucks when you and your hubby have it together.
The flu sucks when you have a small nursing learn to multitask.
But worst of all is having the flu and having to take care of boots.

I'm just so hungry.


Ryan and Meagan said...

flu like stomach bug or flu like influenza/cold?? I got hit SO hard with a cold. Apparently everyone and their mom and dog gets a cold around this time in Florida because of the change in temp and humidity. My head feels like its going to explode any minute. I'm just crossing my fingers that Ryan does't get it this bad if he does and please not to my Brinley!!

ahhh I need to go to bed.

Meagan Cooper said...

ohhhh nooo, i am so sorry jeni, mom's shouldn't be allowed to get sick, we're too busy! Hope everyone gets over it soon