Monday, November 22

Girls trip 2010

We had a mini girls week this last week. I say mini because only half of the miller girls could make it. Libby, my mom and I went to Kauai for the week and it was d.r.e.a.m.y. Courtney came with me and she was perfect. Slept on the beach, took one dip in the pool, slept through the night, she barely peeped, and then on the flights I don't even think she cried once! Angel child.
So Kauai is one of my new favorite places. It is still small enough that it hasn't been taken over by cities or tourists. It is called the garden island and indeed it was! The waterfalls, lush forests and canopies. It was all so beautiful. There were 2 days of rain but the rest was gorgeous. I don't have pictures today because they were all on lib's camera, but hopefully I will get those soon.
I love miller girls trips though. In the past we have done las Vegas, and Dallas and we always end up having so much fun and so many laugh Attacks. This trip was not short on that! Ill just say, unc food, and the tan stache were the biggies! We just have a way of making each other laugh all the time. Robyn and robin were totally missed though. Hopefully next time they can come.

Back at home:
So now that I have been home not even 24 hours we have had quite the run around! Today I brought the girls in for their well checks at the doctor. Courtney is now 12.5 lbs and really tall. I forget the exact length but she is in the 99 %, although I don't really keep track of that stuff! Healthy and happy. So yesterday I notice boots limping a little and today his ankle is swollen and sore. So I asked the doc about it while we were there. She had to take blood as they think it is an infection....results to come. So boots is screaming through that, which was not good for Natalie to see right before her 4 shots. So she is already crying while boots gets pinned down for his blood to be drawn. Then she frantically screams through her 4 shots. I am talking worst temper tantrum ever times 20. It was brutal. Then Courtney got her shots and there goes my last smiling child into tears. They all got over it quickly which was nice! I love my pediatrician though, before any shots were given she sat down and explained what the shots are all for and the risks associated with them as well as the risks if I don't get them. Not that it matters, I would get them anyway, but it was nice to know exactly what they are getting.

Now all 3 are sleeping and it feels like heaven. So pictures to come soon I hope, and results on boots foot.


Ryan and Meagan said...

ahhhh I need a girls trip!!! It is hard when everyone is in school! but maybe in like 5 yrs we will get a girls trip planned. When the men have jobs and I don't feel guilty leaving the kiddos behind!!

Shots are NO fun. I could barely stand ONE kid getting shots and you had to deal with 3???? ahhh you are amazing.

Alysha said...

I HATE SHOTS!!! Poor kids (and you!) I hope everything goes well with the results! scary

and girls trip- AWESOME!!

abby and paxton said...

Can't wait to see some pics from the trip!! Sounds like a blast.
And I went to the pediatrician today too for both the kids- they both got shots.. ugh. So sad. I hate it. I actually was thinking about you today-- well thinking about who your pediatrician was, since I remember you saying you loved yours. I like mine, but she is always RUSHING everything, and I have to be really prepared with what I want to ask her or else I don't have time to. Other than that, she's good. I guess I just wanna hear what yours is like, know where her office is, and see if it's worth it to make a switch...
Hope Boots' foot gets better. How sad.
Also, I really would love to get together sometime- after THanksgiving- and play.

Wiseguys said...

Madison refuses to be in the same room as anyone getting shots. Whenever we take Colton or Jaxon to the doctor she has to wait in the hall. 4-year-old appointment is the worst. 4 shots and they are old enough to remember that they don't like shots. Ugh!

Proud Momma said...

hilare...tan stache was such a keeper...I'll laugh about that for years to come...and hopefully it'll come back for a laugh sometime! haha