Friday, November 26

Give Thanks

After returning from Hawaii I decided it was time to get Christmas-y. We got all the boxes down from the attic and stayed up late watching Polar Express, Drinking Hot chocolate, and decorating the tree. Boots wasn't interested in Hot Coco, crazy, so he insisted on his favorite drink, milk. And of course Natalie got two cups of coco!

I am usually kind of obsessed with the Christmas tree branches, evenly distribute all ornaments, but this year I opted to let the kids do it so they wouldn't keep messing with it all day every day. So far it is working. I have 5 ornaments on one branch, 4 on the next one over, but the kids love it and they don't mess with it. I am always trying to be a fun mom, and I think this was a fun mom move! haha soooo lame, but really, the kids like me better when I am fun.

Thanksgiving was Delicious and fun with the Rawlins Family yesterday. I made all my yum pies and everything else was excellent. Then last night Brian and I headed out for our first date night since little ms. Q came into our Family. I left her with grandpa and we went to go see the new Harry Potter. In Hawaii mom Libby and I watched all of the others to get caught up, I am so glad I did because it made this one radical. I have a horrible memory, as I sometimes state, and I had forgotten all about everything. So our rating for Harry Potter was 5 stars. Loved it. And I loved the carton of popcorn and bag of twizzlers I devoured as well.

Thinking of Thanksgiving and things that we are thankful for, Brian and I have decided to make a goal. We will tell each other something we are thankful for everyday for the next year. I want to write it down so we can look back and laugh, I hope. So I will try to blog it. If not, I guess I can be old fashion and use a pen and paper!

Yesterday I was grateful for Healthy Children. You know those St. Judes Children's hospital commercials? They had one at the movie preview and I totally started to cry. I am thankful for my healthy Children. Brian was grateful for Thanksgiving Football. I hope so, since he spent the entire day watching it!

Today I am thankful for my pillow. I woke up soo tired from not going to bed till 2 am. I layed on the couch with my pillow until 10, it was a dream. I am thankful for my pillow. Brian on the other hand stayed in bed until 10, and so he is thankful for DVD's. These are what kept our kids relatively occupied and quiet until then!

Now we are onto do some Christmas shopping for the kids. I found some awesome things at Costco and I don't want to pass them up. No black Friday business this year, just your regular shopping, on the craziest day of the year. Who knows, maybe the stuff I want will be on sale!


Proud Momma said...

I went to Costco yesterday and the wii controllers were on major sale! I"m so glad I waited to buy them! GOod luck!

lynne said...

I always love boot's smile!!