Tuesday, November 2

All I want to do

Boots: The other morning we found Boots in the kitchen sitting with the chocolate frosting just downing it by the fist full. I always want to do this. I wish I didn't have a food conscience. I would eat frosting all the time, and not feel guilty. With all the Halloween candy around I would eat that all day too (well right now I am) but I wouldn't feel bad about that either. The kids just did a trunk or treat this year but still walked away with WAY too much. Too much temptation for me. I wish I didn't like chocolate. But boots ate so much Candy on Halloween that he was up throwing up all night. I hope he learned his lesson, but he is 2 so my guess is he didn't! By the way, how to you stop the nose picking obsession? Natalie never did it so I am guessing it is a boy thing. He picks his nose all the time and eats it. This makes me sick, but he wont stop no matter what we say or do. GROSS.
Baseball: The Rangers Lost the World Series last night to San Fransisco. Brian got to go to the game which was really exciting. He said it was "electric!" who says that?! But I was really jealous that he got to go, not as much as if they would have won though. But sad night for the Rangers and all us fans. We were so proud of them for making it so far. The pitching was just sooo good, we couldn't beat it. We did not bring our A game. I sooo hope we get another World series chance soon.

We had our own ball park fun when John and Emma were here 2 weeks ago. They came specifically for a softball tournament that John was going to play in. They didn't win the tournament but it was a lot of fun! We even got our babysitter over to the games to help watch all the kids. We had 8 kids and all the adults, except me, played... so I needed some big time help!

Natalie: So LAST weekend Natalie had her first primary program at church. The sunbeams are so stinking cute to watch up there. She is kinda shy in public and just chickens out sometimes. So everyone was saying their part and although she had been practicing her part that week and had it down perfect ("Jesus Christ is the son of God") She chickened out and was the only sunbeam who didn't say her part. I actually think another kid said her part. But when they all got up to sing they all crowded around the front and would kinda push each other ever so slightly to fight for front row. Have you ever seen the SNL skit in the club when Will Ferrell and Chris Catan bump that girl around? This was them. Natalie ended up getting bumped back and forth between 2 of the boys and I was cracking up so hard. But I was really proud of her and ever since then everything goes back to Jesus. I am wondering when to tell her it isn't appropriate. For example, She will tell me "Mom, Jesus just said that we cant do that." She says it to everything that we do.

I was getting in the shower and she walked in. She looked at me and said "Mom, Jesus just said that we cant be naked." I tried to explain that that is true, except to shower or have a bath. Sweet girl.

OHHH and the really hilarious this she has been saying lately... So if you know her, she has problems saying certain letters. F is the really hard one for her. When she says "for" she says por, which is a Spanish word. We always joke about her being bilingual since she always says this. "Boots, go get that Barbie Por me." "Mom this is por you." I don't know when the pronunciation should be a problem, but right now I am not worried, I just think it is cute!
Baby Q: I cant believe that it has been 7 weeks since this little angel has entered our home! She is so sweet and such a little darling to have in our home. She is just starting to smile but she is basically a total 3rd child, awesome. She still has a few bouts at night until about 1 or 2 am where she is just fussy, but mainly she is great!

Garrett: Brian's little brother Garrett is awesome. I love him to death. Before he left on his mission for our church he was like our little live in. He was really like one of my kids, and a really good babysitter. He is the funniest coolest kid ever. Well he is returning home from his mission in ONE WEEK. We are counting down the days and cant wait to wake up at 5 am to go greet him at the airport next week. This is gonna be awesome. The boys have planned out all the movies he has missed, music he has missed, and new food we have found for him to check out as soon as he gets home. They have actually postponed seeing certain movies that came out so they could see them FIRST with Gar when he gets home. When we ask boots who is coming home soon he says Garrett's name, then when we ask him what he is going to give him... "A boots hug!" Lucky Garrett, Boots' hugs are THE BEST!


Ryan and Meagan said...

You seriously make me laugh out LOUD!

You are such a good mommy. Your kids are seriously so cute. I love the Miller genes. Those big grown eyes, good cheek bones, gorgeous smiles?? I mean come on!!!!! To die for.

You think you have it bad for Halloween?? It is Brinley's freakin birthday fOREVER....I looove candy, but I can already tell that October is going to be a bad month of weight gain, and cavities :-) awesome!!!!

Calloways said...

Wow his mission went fast (for me at least because it seems like you just posted about him leaving ;) I also laughed out loud at the things Natalie said. You make me want to write down some of the things my kids say because I know I won't always remember!! You are funny! Miss ya.

aidanjordan said...

I meant to tell you..Saturday while B and J stood in line for food, I sat with Boots at the table and we played with Joey. I asked him if he had a baby at home and what her name was and he yelled, "Baby Q!". Haha! Cute!

Proud Momma said...

I seriously can't believe he is home next week!!! Hilarious about Nan up front getting pushed around...I would be dying!

joana said...

jas will be so excited that she made it on your blog!
i love that you write down all the joys AND frustrations of being a young mother. you'd be surprised how easy you forget, and you'll love that you have it to look back on when they grow out of these phases.
and i can't believe that you find the time to blog with all that you've got going on with your little entourage! doin good:)

Meagan M said...

'Jesus said we can't be naked'. Prob the best line I've heard all day. It totally had me cracking up.

Cris, Jon, Austin and Ethan said...

Jen, I am cracking up so Hard right now like OUT loud...when I read the "Jesus doesn't want us to be Naked"-bit. everything is so black and white for kids, isn't it?