Wednesday, November 24

Welcome Home

Before I left for Hawaii, Brians brother Garrett came home from his 2 year mission in Chile. It is Check Spellingso nice to have him home. We all love him so much, and I am happy to report he has changed for the better but is still the same ol loving teddy bear Gar!
Everyone was there anticipating him coming through at 6am sharp! If you look at the picture of the kids waiting behind the fence, you can see that boots is making a run for it. I had to jump my fence to get to him because I knew he would run into the closed off incoming international flight area and get us all busted. He is just so fast. Anyway, I caught him just in time.
It was so sweet because he was the first to RUN so fast up to Garrett to give him a hug. Brian claims he had been training boots to do it for a few months to see if telling him that he was going to give him a big "boots hug" would make him do it. He did. Brian thinks he trained him. bahaha

We have really been loving the weather here too. End of November and we are still in shorts and short sleeves. It is about this time of year that I start forcing the long sleeves, long pants, and boots because I am so sick of t shirts and sandals. It hasn't dropped below 75 it seems! So we soak it up and play outside all the time!! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving though and it is supposed to bring a cold front. (cold being 50, which is nothing compared to the -27 in Calgary)

So for Thanksgiving I have been pie making like crazy. I am bringing a fresh pumpkin, pecan, cherry and apple pie tomorrow and I cant wait to eat them. I have been so tempted to just dive in today! This is why I dont bake for myself, I would eat it all!!
I have learned that it is really hard to explain time to a 4 year old. I was trying to tell her that Thanksgiving is tomorrow. She saw me making pies today and didn't get that it was still another day till we went to papas house. Then we put up some Christmas stuff and she is convinced that tomorrow is Christmas, because there is no way we put up all this fun stuff and just let it sit there for a month!
Speaking of Christmas decorating, Brian is a TOTAL humbug. He hates decorating, which is funny since he isn't the one to do any of it. So we have been together for 5 Christmases and each year he rejects my idea for outside Christmas lights. This year I went and bought them and am forcing him into them. He is still saying that I will have to put them up myself if I want them, but lets be honest...1. he bought a nail gun today and 2. is he really gonna watch me way up on a ladder trying to put up lights? If he does he is in BIG trouble! I will break his scroog-i-ness!


Ryan and Meagan said...

ahhhhhhhhhh I love warm weather. But, I always think that it is cool outside so I walk outside in a sweater and jeans and I start sweating INSTANTLY. BOOOOO. I want to wear my boots!

I love thanksgiving! My mother in law decided that we are not making pies this year. They drove all the way from Chicago and she didnt want to waste her time. I don't blame her! Pies take time!!

aidanjordan said...


Jeremy is the same way with decorations. The only reason we had lights on our house in New Orleans was because the previous owner left all the clips up so it was really easy. I've been trying to convince him to do our house now but he's not to keen on the two story roof idea.

Proud Momma said...

that is funny...and so true...Newbs will not make you do that all by yourself! I remember putting it up on my tuscany house in REALLY cold weather and it sucked! Man I wish I lived in a place like Tey-has where I could put them up in a nice temp...